Commodvs (Drums Bloodtruth, ex-Five Hundred Murders, ex-Steel Crow, ex-Gôr Mörgûl), Traianvs (Vocals Symbolyc, ex-Winter Mist), Fabio (Fabivs) (Guitar ex-Night Silence, ex-Lord Vampyr, ex-Shining Void), Daniele "Nero" Amador (Guitar Blood Legion, ex-Elarmir), Caligvla (Bass Damneds), Giulio Galati (Drums Hideous Divinity, Kenòs, Germanotta Youth, Onryō, ex-In Case of Carnage, ex-Voron), George Kollias (Drums session member, Nile), Messor (Guitar, Keyboard), Claudio (Drums), Simone (Flute, Percussions, Saz, Oud, Lyra, Darbouka, Diambe, Zurna, War horns, Bells ex-Night Silence), Flavio (Vocals), Aeternus (Drums Dawn of a Dark Age, Elarmir, Handful of Hate, Lord Vampyr, Massemord, Nailed God, Satanika, ex-Shadowsreign, Operation Genocide, Pavor Nocturnus)

Ade is an Italian death metal band based in Rome and active since 2007.

Their music and lyrics are both influenced by Ancient Roman History, also featuring traditional instruments which give to their technical death metal a strong epic touch. The first release of the band was Prooemivm Sangvine (Full Length, Casket Records, 2010), and than Spartacus (Full Length, Blast Head Records, 2013 featuring George Kollias as guest drummer).

The last one “Carthago delenda est” album (Xtreem Music out in 07/15/2016)..