Adorned Brood

Adorned Brood
Markus "Teutobod" Frost (Vocals, Bass [since 1993], founder member), Jan Jansohn (Guitar [since 2009], Agathodaimon), Thorsten Derks (Guitar [since 2004]), Tim "Fjalar" Baumg (Drums [since 1998]), Niklas Enns (Keyboard [since 2009]), Anne (Flute [since 2009]), Nermin "Oberon" Hadziovic (Guitar [1993-1997]), Mirko "Pagan" Klier (Guitar [1993-2001] [2007-2009]), Andreas (aka Widar) (Guitar [1997-2004]), Benjamin (aka Benny) (Guitar [2001-2007]), Mike "Ariovist" Engelmann (Drums [1993-1998]), Ingeborg Anna (Vocals, Flute [since 1996])

Pagan Metal, a term that didn’t exist back in 1993 when Adorned Brood formed.

When they started, Adorned Brood were just a few young metalheads who loved metal and who wanted to create their own unique sound by combining elements of extreme metal on the one hand and folk-elements like flutes on the other. Nobody would have expected that this may become a huge and important part of the metal scene in the future.

Today they can look back on six full length albums, a natural progression of their sound which never followed any trends and a perseverance that made them staying true to themselves and that made them getting on with several line-up and label changes. Incidents like all those changes which may have brought other bands to an end just always fuelled the fire again and again and made Markus Frost and his bandmates continue and fight for what they’ve been doing for more than 15 years.

Besides playing the Wacken Open Air and several other festivals, Adorned Brood toured Europe as support for Alestorm and Tyr in April 2009, but had played countless of gigs prior to that. Support shows for Subway to Sally, local supportshows for Turisas, Norther, Korpiklaani, Ensiferum and many more, a co-headliner tour with Catamenia and countless festival appearances like Summer Breeze, Party San,Wave Gotik Treffen, Ragnarök or Feuertanz Festival.

Adorned Brood always convinced the metal fans with their unique folkloristic-pagan style. On their current album “Hammerfeste”, which was released by Black Bards Entertainment in October 2010, the stayed true to their roots and included plenty of their trademark melodies they have been known for since their early days.

Furthermore they matured as musicians and lyricists though and therefore “Hammerfeste” is definitely an album that’s not just limited to find its admirer in the Pagan Metal community. Instead “Hammerfeste” offers a variety of songs which any open-minded metalhead can enjoy, on CD as well as in live situations such as during the "Black trolls over Europe" tour along with Black Messiah, Negura Bunget, Nomansland, Heathen Foray and Dyrathor in October which can be considered as the release-tour for "Hammerfeste". Facing the year of existence, the band is determined to keep up the ancient spirit and is looking forward to playing live as much as possible..

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