Nick Scott (Bass [since 2008], ex-Rotted Rebirth), Jerry Grannan (Guitar [since 2008], ex-A Promise Worth Dying For), Sebastian Brown (Guitar [since 2008], ex-A Promise Worth Dying For), Anthony Barone (Drums [since 2012], live member), Julian Kersey (Vocals [since 2013]), Craig Nelson (Drums [2008-2010]), Jim Martin (Vocals [2008-2012]), Sargent Engle (Drums [2010], ex-Solidification), Alex Miller (Guitar [2009-2010], ex-Rotted Rebirth), Justin Bess (Drums [2011-2012])

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Aegaeon is a five piece band from Evansville, Indiana. Formed in 2008 and have four releases, including two EPs, one LP and one single. "Exponential Transcendence" July, 2009 EP "Dissension" August, 2011, LP "Being" July, 2012 EP "Neural Union" August, 2013 SINGLE "The Integral Path" January, 2016 SINGLE Currently writing our self-titled full length release. Visual Media: "Dimensions of Reality" (single from 2011 LP "Dissension") music video directed and produced by Scott Hansen. "Reshaping The Multiverse" (single from 2011 LP "Dissension") live music video produced by Wild Method Workshop. "Neural Union" (single from upcoming self-titled LP) music video directed/produced by Scott Hansen...Sequences by Norman Leto.

Pronounced (ih-jee-uhn)...Atmospheric heavy music from Indiana, US.