Astrous (Vocals [since 2006], Agos, Katavasia, ex-Majeste Simphonia, ex-Black Winter, ex-Disolvo Animus), Achilleas (Guitar [2007-2008] [since 2009], Katavasia, Varathron, ex-Incorporeal, ex-Tortured, ex-Chaotic Symmetry), Thyragon (Bass [since 2015], ex-Acid Rain, ex-Dunkel), Nycriz (Drums [since 2012], Septuagint), Anax (Guitar [since 2012], Absinthiana, Chaos Virtue), Draugen (Guitar [2005-2009]), Dagwn (Guitar [2008-2012], Akrotheism, Disolvo Animus, Nethescerial), Vanghmar (Drums [2006-2009], Soulless, ex-Embalmed, ex-Enshrine, ex-Sinner Rider, ex-Stendor, ex-Liaison Decay)

2005: birth of Aenaon 2007: The first gigs begun.

The “Promo 2007" released 2008: Aenaon signed to the Canadian Bleak Art Records for the first EP “Phenomenon" 2009: “Phenomenon" EP released at September, 22 of 2009 2010: “A Parallel Zoetrope" 7" EP split with Satanochio (Ro) released by Floga Records and Orkestral Promenade Prod. limited to 500 copies 2011: Aenaon signed to Code666.

The first full length album “Cendres Et Sang" released June, 14 of 2011 2012: “Er" song recorded for the 7" inch split with Stielas Storhett (Rus) released by Possession Productions limited to 300 copies 2013: Aenaon begun again the live shows & re-signed to Code666 for the second full-length album.

Progressive Black Metal