Aes Dana

Aes Dana
Vidar (Vocals [since 1995], Forge), Milambre (Bass [since 1997], ex-Despond), Myddrin (Flute, Bombarde [since 2005]), Ireel (Guitar [since 2008], ex-Wargasm), Taliesin (Guitar [1994-2005] [since 2008], founder member, Bran Barr), JuanJolocaust (Drums [since 1999]), Hades (Flute, Bombarde [2004-2005], Bran Barr), Storm (Drums [1995-1999], Antaeus, Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition), Amorgen (Folk Instruments, Flute, Bombarde [1994-2004], founder member, Bran Barr), Aegir (Guitar [2005-2008], Apocriphall), Seth (Guitar [1997-2000], Antaeus, Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition), Tomaz Boucherifi-Kadiou (Flute, Bombarde), Tilion (Guitar [2000-2008], Apocriphall), Christophe (Bass [1996-1997])

In 1994, the birth... Aes Dana was created in 1994 by Taliesin ( guitar) and Amorgen ( tin wistle and flutes) . Some month later they decided to play with Vidar (vocals) and Storm (drums /also member of Antaeus and Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition).

In 1996 Christophe (bass) joined Aes Dana, and a demo: “Chroniques du Crépuscule” was recorded in December. The six tracks of this recording can be described as atmospheric black metal with celtic and medieval parts.

The lyrics, written by Vidar, in english described visions, chimera and legends. The band rehearse in a locale in Saint Ouen, near Paris... A realy small place they share with the black metal band Antaeus and the grind core band Sublim Cadevric Decomposition.

The drums of Storm made so much noises in this so small place that Amorgen has to stick her wistle to the microphone and to play very loud to be heard in this big mush of sound. Amorgen invent then a new way of playing tin wistle, a metal way. Rehaersalls, gigs and demos ... In 1997 a new bassist, Milambre (ex Despond) and a second guitarist, Seth (Antaeus, Sublim cadaveric Decomposition) joined Aes Dana.

With this line-up the band began to play new songs in a more brutal way. “The new lyrics, written by Taliesin and Amorgen in french, evokes pagan sagas.

The band plays some gigs in Paris (Gibus Rock club, Club dunois,...) At this time, Aes Dana moved to the New York Studio in te north of Paris to rehearse, a rehearsall most of the time planed on friday, at the end of the day. After some hours of noise, the musicians finished their night in the only metal pub left at this time in Paris. This howfull troquet were the worst of all metal pub...

his name : “Le palais de la bière”... Unfortunatly this troquet where not far from the studio...

so were its successor “Le relais magenta”... In 1999 Storm wants to leave the band.

After his last concert at the “Gibus”, the musicians meet Juanjolocaust. He is drummers, he comes for spain, he has appréciated the music.

So he propose te replace Storm... Storm where a brutal black metal drummers, Juanjolocaust plays more subtils parts. At the end of april 2000, Aes Dana entered studio to record one MCD with 4 tracks. In the same month, Tilion (guitar) replaced Seth, who left Aes Dana to devote himself to his bands of grindcore and brutal black . The band move fore rehearse to Luna Rossa studio, in 13e district of Paris. Aes Dana decides then to incorporat new traditional instruments to the music.

Amorgen wants to mix the sonority of a medieval bombarde to the new tracks. She find the précious woodwind at the folk festival of Saint Chartier.

She choice a Catalan hautbois. Powerfull but not too much, ideal instrument for à mix with black metal music. The band plays some gigs in France In 2000 Amorgen and Taliesin begans to play in another french band of celtic metal: Bran Barr. The first album... In june 2001, Aes Dana signed with Sacral Production (Belenos, Hegemon) and recorded "La Chasse Sauvage" 10 titles + 1bonus tracks In 2002 and 2003 Aes Dana works on new titles and plays gigs and festivals in France Formors... In 2004 Aes Dana records it's second album "Formors" in ArtCrim Studios (77).

This studio belong to a member of Apocriphall, the second band of Tilion. Aes dana take his time to record. The album contains titles with more varied atmospheres (darkest melodies and frozen impressions) revealing more marked aggressiveness. After this recording, in october 2004 Amorgen leaves Aes Dana, to consacre herself to novel writing.

Some month later, in januar 2005, Taliesin live Paris and Aes Dana to live in French Guyana. Two new members join the band.

Aegir, also member of Apocriphall (guitar) and Myrddin (flutes) Several misfortunes with Sacral Production follows and Aes Dana decides to finish all relations with this label. Formors is finally released in October 2005 on Adipocere Records/Oaken Shield. In 2006 and 2007 Aes Dana plays some gigs and festivals in France and Europe. In 2008 Aes Dana signs for 2 Albums on the german label : Trollzornl.

Aegir lives the band to go to live in London. Taliesin, back to Paris, return to Aes Dana.

The band works on their 3rd album and plans some gigs and festivals in Europa In september Tillion leave the band. Ireel (ex Wargasm) replaced him. In 2009 Juanjolocaust leave Aes Dana to go to live in the south of spain.

After two years, in 2011, he is finaly replaced by Willfrid ( also drummer of Forest of Souls). Actual Line up - Vidar : vocals, Taliesin : guitar, Ireel : guitar, Milambre : bass, Myrddin: flutes, Drums : Wilfrid .

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