Alan Goldstein (Bass), Giann Rubio (Drums), Sein Reinert (Drums session musician, Cynic (US), ex-Death, Gordian Knot, Anomaly (US), Portal (US), Sean Malone), Alex Meade (Guitar), Diana Serra (Vocals), Santiago Dobles (Guitar ex-Cynic (US)), Charlie Ekendahl (Guitar Mendacity), Andy Deluca (Bass), Richard Komatz (Drums), Sean Malone (Bass Cynic (US), Office of Strategic Influence, Anomaly (US), Clockwork, Gordian Knot), Danishta Rivero (Vocals)

Aghora is a progressive metal/technical metal band formed in 1995 by guitarist Santiago Dobles.

In 2000 they released their first album, Aghora, recorded and produced by Santiago Dobles and Dan Escauriza. The album featured Danishta Rivero (Vocals), Santiago Dobles (Lead Guitar), Charlie Ekendahl (Rhythm Guitar), Sean Malone (Bass Guitar) and Sean Reinert (Drums), the last two both former members of Cynic.

After several lineup changes, the band began work on their second album, Formless, with the recording lineup of Diana Serra (Vocals), Santiago Dobles (Guitars), Alan Goldstein (Bass) and both Sean Reinert and Gian Rubio sharing drum duties. Formless was independently released in late 2006, which was produced by Santiago Dobles and mixed by Neil Kernon.

The band was then signed to a worldwide deal with Season Of Mist, whom released the album in May of 2007. After an extensive run of live dates throughout 2007, the band took a hiatus during early 2008, during which time a change in drummers brought Matt Thompson (also of the King Diamond band) into the fold. The band is currently working on new material for it's upcoming third album to be released sometime in early 2009..

Progressive Metal Band from Florida