Ahumado Granujo

Ahumado Granujo
Vypytel (Bass Alientation Mental), Necrokodýl (Guitar Intervalle Bizzare), Milan (Vocals, Bass Alienation Mental, Uprise, M.A.C. of Mad), Jirka "Jurgen" Zajíc (Drums Intervalle Bizzare, Uprise, Ingrowing, Supreme Conception)

since 1999, when AG was born until 2005 when AG split-up, this stuff was released: 2000: El Tor (Split-7"EP with CAD) 2002: Instrumenta Chirurgica (Split-Album with Utopia) 2003: Splatter-Tekk (Album) 2004: Chemical Holocaust (Album) *(compilations, samplers, re-releases & etc...

are not included here).

Mix together some blast & disbeat drums + guttural belching vox (natural without fx!) + catchy guitar riffs with lo-pitch driven bubbling bass and spice it up with a few electro/tekno grooves. That's Ahumado Granujo ;)