David Gray (Drums [1997-2012] [since 2016] The Antichrist Imperium, Voices (UK), ex-Church Of Satan, ex-Salem Orchid (UK), ex-The Berzerker), Jason Mendonca (Vocals, Guitar [1997-2012] [since 2016] ex-Lorenz Attractor, ex-Disciples Of Belial, ex-Salem Orchid (UK)), Paul Scanlan (Guitar [1997-2012] [since 2016] Chaosanct, ex-Skaldic Curse, ex-Creaming Jesus), Nathanael Underwood (Bass [since 2016] Dãm), Daniel Reeves (Keyboard [2003-2006] Ted Maul, ex-As She Screams), Tanya Kemp (Vocals), Vanessa Gray (Violin), Peter Theobalds (Bass [1997-2007] Salem Orchid (UK), Photographing Girls, Xerox Girls, Blood Island Raiders, Gonga, ex-Three Days By Camel), Matt Wilcock (Guitar [2004-2010] Abramelin (AUS), Steel Affliction, The Senseless, The Antichrist Imperium, ex-The Berzerker), Pete Benjamin (Bass, Keyboard [2007-2012] Voices (UK), Concept (UK), ex-Pantheist, ex-Corpsing, ex-The Order of Apollyon), Dan Knight (Guitar [2011-2012] Ted Maul, ex-Dãm), Martin Bonsoir (Keyboard [1997-2003]), Nicola Warwick (Vocals)


Jason Mendonca and David Gray have been playing heavy metal together since 1987 when they met whilst at school...

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