Alice In Chains

Alice In Chains
Jerry Cantrell (Vocals, Guitar, Back Vocals [1987-2002] [since 2005], Jerry Cantrell, ex-Ozzy Osbourne, ex-Alice Mudgarden), William DuVall (Vocals, Guitar, Back Vocals [since 2006], Come With The Fall, ex-Madfly, ex-No Walls, ex-Neon Christ), Sean Kinney (Drums, Keyboard, Percussions [1987-2002] [since 2005], ex-Jerry Cantrell, ex-Spys4Darwin, ex-Alice Mudgarden), Mike Inez (Bass, Back Vocals [1993-2002] [since 2005], ex-Black Label Society (guest), ex-Heart, ex-Ozzy Osbourne, ex-Spys4Darwin, ex-Alice Mudgarden, ex-Jerry Cantrell (guest)), Layne Staley (Vocals, Guitar, Back Vocals [1987-2002], died 05/04/2002 (heroin overdose), ex-Mad Season, ex-Class Of '99, ex-Alice N' Chains, ex-Alice Mudgarden, ex-Second Coming (guest)), Mike Starr (Bass, Back Vocals [1987-1993], died 08/03/2011 (drug overdose), ex-Sun Red Sun, ex-Days Of The New (live)), Ann Wilson (Vocals, Back Vocals [1992], guest member, Heart)