Alice Through The Windshield Glass

Alice Through The Windshield Glass
Tim Cetin (Drums), Grant Eidintas (Guitar ex-Vendetta Symphony), Rob Anderson (Bass), David "Tweek" Stanton (Vocals ex-Celestial), Adrian Sahid (Guitar)

Alice Through The Windshield Glass are a Technical Death band from the western suburbs of Sydney, Australia.

Since 2007 they've been working to perfect their own brand of down under death metal. They've been laying waste to venues nationwide with their live shows, and although Australia was not ready for them, the band persisted.

Several years of solid local and regional shows, the band have been privileged enough to share the stage with international acts such as All Shall Perish, Impending Doom, Carnifex, Darkest Hour and Sybreed, as well as solidifying their reputation amongst the local scene. All the while, they'd been working towards their debut album.

Having been almost three years in the making, “BRUTALIS AUSTRALIS” - 11 solid tracks of post apocalyptic, Australia themed heaviness clocking in just over 40 minutes, was unleashed in late 2012. However, was that perhaps a sign of things to come for the band? Founding member and vocalist Dave had, several months earlier decided to part ways with ATTWG for personal reasons, but not before having clocked up a number of shows with higher profile local bands like Psycroptic, Blood Duster, Ouroboros, King Parrot and Ne Obliviscaris, as well as being invited to play on Bastardfest that year. The band were left in a state of flux, questioning what they were working towards, on both a musical and personal level, and the beast lay dormant for months. An ironically uncertain future faced the band until Dave had a re-awakening and rejoined the fold.

ATTWG started off the year with a few local shows, and although playing nowhere near as much as they were used to, seemed to be back on track. They were then faced with the departure of rhythm guitarist and founding member Adrian.

Having taken yet another blow, the band were forced to retreat from the metal community again, and regroup, focus and assess their options. Could/would they go on as a four piece? Who could/would they bring in to fill Adrian's shoes? About 6 months later, after intermittent rehearsals, Tim (drums), Rob (bass), Grant (guitar) and Dave were determined to keep this beast alive, and were offered the opportunity to play with stalwarts Mephistopheles in early October, 2013.

ATTWG's first show together in their history as a four piece band was moderately successful, yet taking away from that show plenty of ways to improve. Since the fire has been reignited in the Alice camp, the band has been freshly motivated and is working on new material and further tightening their energetic live presence.

With a show or two lined up towards the end of 2013, take the opportunity to see and experience Alice Through The Windshield Glass like you never have before. Everything you knew has since faded into dust, yet through the ashes of a fading year, perhaps the best is yet to come. This Is The Beginning Of The End....

Technical, chaotic and body slamming death from the wasteland that is suburban Sydney, Australia.

This is the beginning of the end.