Max Shtanke (Vocals, Bass), Andrey Losev (Guitar), Dmitriy Sokolov (Guitar), Ksenia Pobuzhankaya (Vocals), Anastasya Ryabova (Drums), Alexey "Nightbird" Solovyov (Bass), Vladimir Lushin (Drums), Almira Fathullina (Keyboard), Anton Chepigin (Drums), Alena Pelevin (Vocals)

1997 - Shadows Of Timless (reh.demo/selfreleased) 1997 - Shadows Of Glory (demo/selfreleased) 2000 - Songs Of Eternal Oak (MC/Beverina prod.(Latvija)/Ketzer records (Germany)) 2001 - Memoris (compilation CD/selfreleased) 2001 - Неведомые Земли (demoCD/selfreleased) 2002 - CD "ALKONOST" (Beverina prod.(Latvija)/Ketzer rec.(Germany)) 2004 - CD "ALKONOST" (российское переиздание Souyz music/Metal Agen records) 2004 - CD "BETWEEN THE WORLDS" (Souyz music/Metal Agen records) 2006 - CD "МЕЖМИРЬЕ" (Metalism records (Moscow)) 2006 - CD "ПУТЬ НЕПРОЙДЕННЫЙ" (Metalism records (Moscow)) 2007 - CD "ПЕСНИ ВЕЧНОГО ДРЕВА" (Metalism records (Moscow)) 2007 - CD "КАМЕННОГО СЕРДЦА КРОВЬ" (Metalism records (Moscow)) 2007 - CD-compilation "METALMESSAGE Vol.

IV"(Germany) 2008 - CD-compilation "Iron Age Vol.I"(England) 2008 - DVD "У стен Арконы/Live in Moscow'2005" (Sound Age prod. (Moscow)) 2009 - DVD "Manegarm/Alkonost/Kalevala" (Volh Records/Moscow)) 2009 - CD "BETWEEN THE WORLDS" (Vic records (Holland)) 2009 - CD "ПУТЬ НЕПРОЙДЕННЫЙ" (Vic records (Holland)) 2010 - CD "НА КРЫЛЬЯХ ЗОВА" (Sound Age prod.

(Moscow)) 2010 - CD "ON THE WINGS OF THE CALL" (Eiheit Produktionen(Germany)) 2013 - CD and Digipack "СКАЗКИ СТРАНСТВИЙ" (Sound Age, Moscow) 2015 - LP "TALES OF WANDERINGS" (Beverina prod.Latvija) 2016 - Vinyl "КАМЕННОГО СЕРДЦА КРОВЬ" (Beverina prod.Latvija) 2016 - Minivinyl "РУСАЛКА" 2016 - CD "ПЕСНИ БЕЛОЙ ЛИЛИИ" 2017 - Сassette "ПЕСНИ БЕЛОЙ ЛИЛИИ" ( Black Death Production, Poland) 2019 - CD "Октаграмма" .

Band's history began in the second half of 1995 when Andrey Losev, well known among musicians from Naberezhnye Chelny bass guitarist, decided to start his own project. His attention was drawn to medieval music and russian folk melodies. After a year, in August 1996, Alkonost was born. Over 20 years band has gone through a lot of different things, but it's unique sound and special atmosphere remained, being band's distinctive features for all that time.

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