Alpha Tiger

Alpha Tiger
Dirk Frei (Bass), Alexander Pakasch (Guitar), Peter Langforth (Guitar), David Schleif (Drums [since 2015]), Benjamin Jaino (Vocals [since 2015]), Stefan Dietrich (Vocals [2011-2015]), Axel Pätzold (Drums)

"ALPHA TIGER from Saxony / Germany and their debut “Man Or Machine” now vociferously draw attention. Their musical journey goes back to metal of the 1980s, which is interpreted in an individual, speedy way. Driven by the harmonic dual leadguitars and accented by Stephan’s characteristic vocals the band presents powerful, high-velocity metal, which got its final polish by being recorded in metal veteran Karl Walterbach’s (ex-Noise records) studio.

The album’s lyrical concept deals with the loss of individuality in today’s mass society and the growing Orwellian tendencies in the western world. Stay tuned for the upcoming live shows supporting the “Man Or Machine” album, as the band has already gained an excellent reputation in Saxony’s live scene." (press release).