Altar (NL)

Altar (NL)
Andre Hemel (Bass), Michel Coppens (Vocals), Richard Ludwig (Guitar), Frank Schilperoort (Drums), Marcel Verdurmen (Guitar), Edwin Kelder (Vocals), Nils Vos (Bass), Arnold Oudemiddendorp (Vocals), Sjoerd Visch (Drums), Reinier de Vries (Bass)

ALTAR BIOGRAPHY With the release of their demo-tape 'And God Created Satan To Blame For His Mistakes' back in 1992, the band started to become well-known in the death metal underground scene. Dutch label Displeased Records dared to come closer and signed the band. The first real ALTAR-album 'Youth Against Christ' released in 1994 hit the scene with a shock.

The intense brutality on this album got great reviews everywhere; it even went into the Dutch alternative charts. ALTAR built up an infamous live reputation and in several cities their shows got cancelled because christian politicians were afraid to burn their asses. In the summer of 1995 the second album 'Ego Art' was a fact.

New guitarist Marcel Verdurmen almost immediately influenced the sound of the band in a positive way. The songs got a bigger musical variety, resulting in concerts on the biggest festivals. Drummer Marco Arends and guitar player Bert Huisjes were replaced by young talented drumbeast Sjoerd Visch and guitarfreak Richard Ludwig. During the following rehearsal sessions it became clear that this was the ultimate line-up to create the tightest death metal combined with old style metal. It can be heard on 'Provoke', released in 1998. Hatred is a very underestimated emotion.

Still ALTAR gigs got cancelled by local christian leaders and problems arose with Displeased Records. But the fan support remained and made ALTAR decide to do it themselves. Early 2000 the "In The Name Of The Father"-album was released worldwide by the American label Pavement Music. As the new studio-album was only planned for early/mid 2001 ALTAR decided to please their 'hungry' Dutch and Belgian fans with the mini-cd "Until Heaven Forbids". Up to March 2001 the band worked very hard in the Franky's Recording Kitchen-studio with the producers Peter de Koster, Berthus Westerhuis and Marcel Verdurmen to finalise the new album "Red Harvest". September 1st 2001 was a dark day in Altar's history.

Due to a couple incidents Altar decided to split up. Releases over the Years: 1992 - ...And God Created Satan to Blame For His Mistakes (demo) 1994 - Youth Against Christ 1996 - Ego Art 1998 - Provoke 1999 - In the Name of the Father 2000 - Until Heaven Forbids (compilatie) 2001 - Red Harvest.

And God Created Satan, To Blame for his Mistakes...

Dutch Death Metal band from the Netherlands. Youth Against Christ line up . Last Crusade Against Christ !!!