Juha-Pekka "J-P" Alanen (Guitar [since 2005], Celesty), Marco Luponero (Vocals, Bass [since 2007], Terrorwheel), Petri Aho (Guitar [2004, since 2006], Mourning Sign), Tony Smedjebacka (Drums [since 2000]), Jouni Nikula (Vocals [2002-2003], Fleshtone, Requiem (FIN), Isäntä Meidän), Tapio "Taage" Laiho (Vocals [2003-2006], Hevinkelium, Kilpi), Jani Liimatainen (Guitar, Keyboard [2000-2005], ex-Sonata Arctica, Graveyard Shift, Karmic Link, Dream Asylum, Sydänpuu, Cain's Offering), Erno "Emppu" Vuorinen (Guitar [2002-2004], Nightwish, Adrián Barilari, Almah, Brother Firetribe), Johan Mattjus (Vocals [2000-2002]), Marko Pukkila (Bass [2000-2008], Dream Asylum, Blindside, Fallout Moon)

Altaria is a power metal band from Jakobstad, Finland.

They have released four full-length albums on the record label Metal Heaven. In January 2008, the band decided to part ways with their record label Metal Heaven for undisclosed reasons. They are currently searching for a new record deal.

Songs for a new album have been written which had originally been planned for release in late 2007; as soon a new contract with a record company is signed, work on the planned release will continue. In the same month, bass player Marko Pukkila parted ways with the band after an argument concerning the split with Metal Heaven. His replacement is Ex-Terrorwheel bass player and current Altaria vocalist Marco Lupenero.

This means that the only original member still active with Altaria is Tony Smedjebacka. Towards the later part of 2008 the band announced on their website that they were in the process of writing songs for their fifth (fourth full) studio album. In March 2009, they stated that they had finished recording 12 tracks for their upcoming release.

The title had yet to be confirmed, but one track had already been completed, entitled "Pride and Desire". In May 2009, Altaria's fifth studio album, Unholy was released. The band name is also not to be confused with the Dragon/Flying type Altaria from the Pokémon series..

Power Metal