Todd Manning (Guitar), Dan Biggin (Guitar), Paul "Bod" Rodwell (Drums), Simon E Cobb (Vocals, Bass), Mark Beuchet (Guitar), Lee Hittman (Bass), Andy (Vocals)

Forged in the fire of the U.K.

punk scene and then rising from its ashes as a crossover and thrash heavyweight, Anihilated are one of the very first thrash bands in the rich metal history of the U.K. Formed in 1981 Anihilated quickly gained a reputation as one of the hardest working live bands on the circuit sharing the stage with their peers in such bands as Onslaught, Virus, Sabbat and Xentrix and also giving a leg up to the younger bands following them (a fresh faced Napalm Death were one particular support band that springs to mind). Always a live band, Anihilated spent more time on the road than most and let their shows do the talking, waiting until 1984 to record the now highly sought after ‘Speedwell Sessions’ closely followed by the renowned 'Path To Destruction' EP. Raw, energetic, an exploration into the realms of metal punk, it grabbed attention and the EP completely sold out, even knocking Madonna off the number one spot in the East of England record charts. Bucking the trend of other bands in the scene Anihilated stayed firmly with their punk roots lyrically opting to tell the tales of injustice and horror from the real world rather than the satanic clichés adopted by many metal bands of the time. As their popularity grew they went on to feature heavily in fanzines and magazines worldwide and became a cult band of sorts. The debut full length, 1988's 'Created In Hate', was described in Metal Forces Magazine as "the most important UK Thrash Metal release to date’.

It was raw compared to more polished bands of the time but it had something that captured the imagination. The band spent the next year out on the road before returning to the studio to record 'The Ultimate Desecration".

Later described by Marquee Records, to be "one of the finest UK Thrash Metal releases ever”. In a story all too familiar the band were caught up in the early 90’s industry turmoil as major labels bought the independents and then tried to figure out what to do with the newly acquired roster they didn’t understand. Anihilated disbanded at this point and the story could have easily ended there. With the advent of the internet and the worldwide access to easy media the next few years seemed to reinforce the cult status of the band with countless re-releases of their back catalogue in Japan, China and Brazil.

The renewed interest led to the band getting back together and picking up exactly where they left off. 2010’s 'Scorched Earth Policy' was hailed as "THE come back album of the year" and received superb reviews. Anihilated went on to play festivals on the European mainland and a number of carefully selected UK shows.

They were filmed for a new documentary about UK thrash and featured in highly acclaimed British music author, Ian Glasper's book "Trapped in a Scene" about the history of British Hardcore. With no sign of stopping Anihilated followed ‘Scorched Earth Policy’ with 2013’s ‘iDeviant’ gaining more momentum, more acclaim and more fans. Wasting no time in improving and developing the lineup, original members Bod (drums) and Si (bass and lead vocal) along with long time guitarist Todd (lead) recruited Danny B (guitar) of South American metal titans Criminal and cult death metal pioneers Pentagram Chile.They immediately got back to doing what they do best headlining Beermageddon Festival and performing at the now legendary Hammerfest in the U.K. As 2015 arrived Anihilated are stronger than ever, having finished the new album ANTI SOCIAL ENGINEERING out on April 13th 2015 the band are performing live all over the U.K. and the European mainland and setting their sights on the rest of the world. If you want to see the very best in original early 80’s thrash, as unrelenting and pummelling today as it was in 1981 then look no further than Anihilated.

This thrash juggernaut is showing no sign of stopping for anyone. Anihilated are: Si Cobb - Vocals Bass Bod - Drums Danny B - Guitar Todd Manning - Guitar .

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UK THRASH formed in 1981. Worship Metal ranked 2015's Anti Social Engineering as the best thrash release of the year