Animae Capronii

Animae Capronii
Cesare Sannino (aka Kalrog Naar) (All instruments Dockalfar, Evig Begravelse, Cervus Nebulae, Hatecraft (ITA), Violent Shit, Nazgoat), Sir Mordred (Vocals, Guitar Grendel (ITA), Evig Begravelse), Dar Geio Crogior (Guitar Violent Shit, ex-Hatecraft (ITA)), Lord Alarim (Guitar), The Bliss (Guitar, Back Vocals), Efir (Vocals Agaliareth, Hatecraft (ITA))

Sannino Cesare started the band in 2003 with the name Armagherion,with the only purpose to make raw black metal music as one-man-band.

In 2004 the name changed to Animae Capronii.After 4 years of activity always as raw black metal band,the project evolved into a Christian Unblack Metal act. Tons of relases were spreaded in the underground in tape first and then cd-r format.

Many interviews were done for various 'zines & webzines. In 2015 the name of the band turned into Trust Your Heart to definitively cut with the AC 'evil' black metal past,and the style changed into Power Metal with different influences..

Trust your heart is the natural continuation of Animae Capronii,the unblack metal one-man-band of Cesare Sannino,active since 2003,from the North of Italy.