Dead (Vocals, All instruments)

Project Ankhagram is conceived in 2005.

When there was a desire to not enter music in what that frameworks, whether it be style, a genre, technics of play and to that similar standards, there was an idea to create something own. On a wave of personal interests and musical predilections, Ankhagram represented to a demo “Doom, Death and Darkness (2005)” a mix from several genres and styles, such as death-black metal (vocal), gothic metal (melody), doom metal (texts).

In Split « Suicidal Chaos » there were first experiments with Doom Metal sounding and stylistics. As a result, the album of 2006 «Reankharnation» is published in France by Malktros/GORIFICATION MUSIX.

They have named this music the Dark Metal. The album has been added two bonus-tracks, and published in a cassette format.

2007 became critical for style and a genre. In this to year the high-grade album with prevailing influence funeral doom metal has been written down.

Under impression of such groups as Shape Of Despair, Ea, the album has turned out such what he is. It was very hard gave compositions of a material for emotional and psychological and even a physical status.

“Neverending Sorrow” has defined further stylistic development Ankhagram. All attention has been concentrated on Doom Metal as only this genre can is high-grade to pass the doomed both devastated status of the person and emptiness surrounding him and a cold.

As, 2007 was significant participation Ankhagram in a disk “ Compilation 2007”. If not, the participant of band Abyssphere, persuaded to participate in this project Ankhagram there and would not be.

As, there was no special desire "to be shone". But business has been made, and on results of voting of users, the song “Last Shout Of a Dying Swan” has got in compilation.

It certainly lifts a self-estimation. It is more than thanks everyone who voted for Ankhagram and for other groups.

Pleases, that indifferent people were not. In fact all groups are noteworthy.

Ankhagram is essentially studio project. And any concert structures, performances it is not planned and will not be.

Ankhagram both was, and has remained the individual project, he can like someone, someone is not. If the listener will find in this something for itself, means between him and the author has arisen understanding Discography Ankhagram at present: 1.

Doom, Death and Darkness - demo (2005) 2. Suicidal Chaos - split Satan Crux (2006) 3.

When The Shadows Die - single (2006) 4. ReANKHarnation (2006) - GORIFICATION Musix/Malktross 5.

Neverending Sorrow (2007) - Stygian Crypt re-issue 2010 6. Under Ruins (1th July, 2008) - Satanarsa Rec. 7.

A tribute to Autumn (compilation, 26th June, 2010) - Satanarsa Rec. 8. The Gardens Of Soulless - split Renascentia 9.

Where Are You Now - 2010, Silent Time Noise Rec..

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