Nate Vennarucci (Guitar, Bass), Max Seeman (Guitar, Bass), Marco Pitruzella (Drums), Tim Hale (Vocals)

Anomalous is a progressive-technical-death-metal band formed in 2001 by Tim Hale and Max Seeman.

With a goal of creating a sound that melded their disparate influences, the founding members began writing music. Despite the lack of a vocalist, bassist and a revolving cast of drummers, a series of shows in the San Francisco Bay Area announced Anomalous as a presence. In 2005, the founding members were joined by Nate Vennarucci, and the trio began recording, substituting programmed drums and samples for the ever-revolving cast of percussionists.

Upon completion of the recording, the Minnesota-based metal label Brutal Bands picked up the band and in 2006 "Cognitive Dissonance" was released to favorable reviews. The band's masterful first release belies, or perhaps reflects, the bands tumultuous beginnings and while deserving of a brief respite, Anomalous began writing for the next album, while actively pursuing musicians to complete their sound.

After an exhaustive search, the band welcomed Marco Pitruzzella as the new drummer, replacing the cold, precise machinations of programmed drums with the fire and intensity of the experienced metal percussionist. Persevering through the myriad problems that present themselves between the inception and success of a band, Anomalous has maintained a rigid standard of musical quality that has resulted in the completion of their upcoming album.

"Ohmnivalent" is due for release by Brutal Bands in 2011. .

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