Sebastian Rokicki (Guitar £eb Prosiaka, Herman Rarebell, Different State, ex-Garden Of Worm (PL), ex-Dissection (PL)), Lukasz Myszkowski (Vocals £eb Prosiaka, IN, ex-Sparagmos), Michal Zawadzki (Bass), Pawel Jaroszewicz (Drums Lost Soul, Christ Agony, ex-Vader), Krzysztof "Sivy" Bentkowski (Drums Druzgotor £eb Prosiaka, ex-Damnable (PL), ex-Sparagmos, ex-Monev), Michal "Mike" Zybert (Bass ex-Hedfirst), Patryk "Nick" Zwolinski (Vocals Times New Roman, ex-Blindead, ex-Neolithic, ex-Wolverine), Michal Pietrasik (Bass £eb Prosiaka, ex-Reinfection), Maciek Morus (Bass [2000-2002], Maly Szu, DJ HUJ, Starzy Singers)

BIO: ANTIGAMA is the unruly and unrestricted projection of a nonconformistic attitude towards avantgarde grindcore/metal.

The band was formed in 2000 by guitarist Sebastian Rokicki (Different State, Garden Of Worm) released their first album "Intellect Made Us Blind" in 2002 with Lukasz Myszkowski (Sparagmos) on vocals and Maciej Morus (Starzy Singers, Mały Szu) on bass. In the next years they recorded four regular albums for different labels (Discomfort – 2004, Zeroland – 2005, Resonance – 2007, Warning – 2009) and over a dozen of smaller releases (singles, splits, compilations).

In 2006 the band signed a worldwide record deal with Relapse Records. Antigama played a number of gigs, festivals and tours in Europe and USA, including shows at one of the most prestigious American extreme music festivals, "Maryland Deathfest" in 2009 and 2015.

The band also collaborated with theatrical director Marcin Liber which resulted in creating live music for the drama "Spring Of Death" and seven day-by-day appearances in the performance "Zawiadamiamy Was, ze Zyjemy" in Warsaw Uprising Museum in 2009. With new drummer Paweł "Pavulon" Jaroszewicz (ex-Vader, Decapitated, Hate) the band returned to the studio to record "Stop The Chaos" MCD/LP in 2012 and the full length "Meteor" in 2013.

In 2015 Antigama released their brand new album 'The Insolent' by Selfmadegod Records. Antigama is controlled chaos.

Łukasz Myszkowski - vocals Sebastian Rokicki - guitars Paweł Jaroszewicz - drums Sebastian Kucharski - bass DISCOGRAPHY: Sweet little Single Demo CD DIY (2001) Intellect Made Us Blind Full-length CD The Flood (2002) Antigama / Elysium Split Tape Vendredi Prod. (2002) Siekiera Split w/ Jan Ag.

CD Dywizja Kot (2003) Promo 2003 Demo CD DIY (2003) Blastasfuck Split w/ Open Wound CD Antiself Prod. (2004) East Clintwood Split w/ Deranged Insane CD Mortville (2004) Discomfort Full-length CD Extremist (2004) The World Will Fall Soon and We All Will Die Split w/ Third Degree & Herman Rarebell CD Selfmadegod (2004) Radiation Sickness Split w/ Bastard Saints 7" Antiself (2005) Zeroland Full Length CD Selfmadegod (2005) Discomfort repress w/ bonus tracks + multimedia CD Selfmadegod (2005) Discomfort LP Fast & Furious (2006) Roots of Chaos Split w/ Deformed CD Deformeathing Prod.

(2006) Intellect Made Us Blind repress CD Selfmadegod (2006) Slimewave Series Vol.3 Split w/ Rot 7" Relapse (2007) Resonance Full-length CD & LP Relapse (2007) Resonance w/ special bonus track CD Relapse Japan (2007) Pig Destroyer / Coldworker / Antigama Split 7" Relapse (2007) Antigama / Drugs Of Faith Split CD Selfmadegod (2007) Antigama / Nyia Split CD Selfmadegod (2007) Slimewave Compilation CD Relapse (2008) Slimewave Compilation CD Relapse Japan (2008) Warning Full-length CD Relapse (2009) Warning w/ special bonus track CD Relapse Japan (2009) Antigama / Psychofagist Split CD Subordinate (2011) Stop The Chaos EP CD Selfmadegod Records (2012) Stop The Chaos EP LP Selfmadegod Records (2012) Stop The Chaos Remixes CD Selfmadegod Records (2013) 3- way split w/ The Kill & Noisear Selfmadegod Records (2013) Meteor CD Selfmadegod Records (2013) Meteor LP Selfmadegod Records (2013) The Insolent CD Selfmadegod Records (2015) The Insolent LP Selfmadegod Records (2015) The Insolent Cassette Selfmadegod Records (2015) VIDEOGRAPHY: Flies - Video Directed by Karol Prussak - taken from Discomfort album (2004) Disconnected - Video Directed by Bartek Rogalewicz - taken from Warning album (2009) V/A Obscene Extreme 2004 DVD Obscene Productions (2004) V/A Giants Of Grind II 2006 DVD Power It Up (2006) V/A Maryland Deathfest: The Movie DVD Handshake Inc. (2010) .

'Depressant' coming 09.11.2017

Heavy Mental. Buy at Selfmadegod Records: / iTunes: