Anton Johansson's Galahad Suite

Anton Johansson's Galahad Suite
Sebastian Berglund (Keyboard), Mats Bergentz (Drums), Carl Lindquist (Vocals), Linus Abrahamson (Guitar, Bass), Erik Wiss (Keyboard), Anna Forsvall Lundmark (Cello), Ellen Abrahamson (Back Vocals), Evelina Andersson (Back Vocals), Mikael Cederhag (Back Vocals), Lalle Larsson (Keyboard Karmakanic, Agents Of Mercy), Magnus Kristensson (Guitar Mister Kite, Planet), Dennis Post (Guitar), Alf Wemmenlind (Vocals Mister Kite, Fifty Grand Suicide), Jonas Hansson (Guitar Silver Mountain), Jens Johansson (Keyboard), Magnus Karlsson (Guitar Primal Fear), Mattias Ia Eklundh (Guitar Freak Kitchen)

The project features: Linus Abrahamson – Guitar & Bass Carl Lindquist – Vocals Mats Bergentz – Drums Sebastian Berglund – Keyboards Anna Forsvall Lundmark – Cello Evelina Andersson – Backing vocals Ellen Abrahamson - Backing vocals Mikael Cederhag - Backing vocals Guest performances by: Mattias IA Eklundh (Freak Kitchen, Freak Guitar) – Guitar Magnus Karlsson (Primal Fear, Allen/Lande, Starbreaker) – Guitar Lalle Larsson (Karmakanic, Agents of Mercy, Electrocution 250) - Keyboards Jonas Hansson (Silver Mountain) – Guitar Alf Wemmenlind (Mister Kite, Fifty Grand Suicide) - Vocals Dennis Post (Star*Rats) – Guitar Magnus Kristensson (Mister Kite, Planet) – Guitar The album is being recorded in the Peakroom Studio Production by Anton Johansson, Linus Abrahamson and studio manager Erik Wiss Artwork by Acke Hallgren Concept by Anton Johansson Music by Anton Johansson, Alf Wemmenlind, Mats Bergentz, Magnus Norling, Martin Gjerstad, Linus Abrahamson and Roland Larsson Lyrics by Anton Johansson and Acke Hallgren.

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Anton Johansson's Galahad Suite is a conceptual rock album that has been in the making for over 25 years and features an array of talented musicians.