Alaric Déléris (Bass), Vincent Labelle (Drums), Gordon Huillery (Guitar), Melmoth The Wanderer (Vocals), Clément Roig (Guitar), Nicolas Alberny (Guitar), Hugo Bouvier (Guitar), Sebastien Besson (Guitar), Alexis Ruinier (Bass), Robin Lefaure (Drums)


Somewhere between fear and madness, ANTROPOFAGO is all about bringing technical Death Metal to a whole new level, not by using the impressive technical abilities of its members to impress, but rather to craft real songs, catchy and memorable, bringing back the old traditional songwriting to a whole new technical level of melody and brutality.

Forging a new Æra Dementiæ far Beyond Phobia, somwhere Between Fear and Madness since 2009, always with a Propensity for Violence.