Aras (IRN)

Aras (IRN)
Ehsan K. (aka Lord Aras) (Vocals, All instruments Daamon, Gavandera, Shadows Of Nihil, Beaten Victoriouses), Ebrahim (Vocals session member)

Lord Aras called his music project as Aras because there's a river in Iran's northwest boundary that's been called same and he appreciates there for its very epic tales and history and this word also means tears in Persian. This is the pioneer epic black metal project from Iran and has been found in Shiraz (the very ancient ruins of Persia) in February 18, 2001 then moved to Tehran in 2005. All instruments, vocals, mastering, arrangements, compositions, paintings and everything is done by Lord Aras a.k.a.

Ehsan Karimian. There was no black metal band in Iran when Aras began to break its ground and Lord Aras is one of the few premiers in Iranian black metal scene. He's also managed some another bands namely Beaten Victoriouses (now in Germany)and Daamoon (on hold in Iran). Since 2001 until now Lord Aras has been recorded 18 albums under the name of Aras but only one of them is officially released due to lack of black metal record labels in Islamic Iran and uncontrolled releasing of the stuff on internet for free download but Aras is still working hardly to keep the flag up alone and it's difficult to explain how. this is an official page for Aras..

Aras is Iranian pioneer black metal band with lyrical themes consisting of Rebellion and Iranian Tales. Formed in Shiraz, Iran in 2001 by Lord Aras. The word "Aras" means "tears" in persian but also is the name of a river in northwest of Iran. Lord Aras is a painter in expressionism style and since 1997 began playing an Iranian traditional instrument called "Se-tar" and now he play another Iranian traditional instrument called "Tanboor" and since 2003 started working professionally metal music, dark ambient and epic soundtracks.

This is the pioneer epic black metal project from Iran that's been found in Shiraz, February 18, 2001.