Archons (CAN)

Archons (CAN)
Francis Beaulieu (Guitar ex-Decresens, ex-Lord Mortis, ex-Necrotic Mutation), Simon Charette (Guitar ex-Descend Into Nothingness), Simon Descoteaux (Bass ex-Decresens), Sébastien Audet (Vocals ex-Descend Into Nothingness), Christian Poulin (Drums ex-Descend Into Nothingness)

Everything began in the summer of 2004 when Simon Charette, S├ębastien Audet, Christian Poulin and Charles Fontaine decided to found a group of melodic death metal called Wrecked Mind.

However, near the end of 2004 the group collapsed. Pushed by a wind of renewal, they set up in 2006 a project called Archons with guitarist Francis Beaulieu.

In 2008 the album The Consequences of Silence, produced by Yannick St-Amant and under the label Cryogenic Records, was presented to the world. The recording of the second full-lenght album was well under way when the band felt that they could not keep going.

In 2013, Archons decided to disband..

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