Ares Kingdom

Ares Kingdom
Chuck Keller (Guitar Order From Chaos, Vulpecula), Alex Blume (Vocals, Bass Blasphemic Cruelty), Doug Overbay (Guitar), Mike Miller (Drums Order From Chaos)

Formed in 1996 by Chuck and Mike.

A self-titled demo was released by the band in conjunction with Eternal Darkness Creations in 1997. Doug Overbay and Alex Blume joined as bassist and vocalist respectively in 2000.

The live-in-the-studio 'Chaosmongers Alive' 7" EP was recorded for Agonia Records in 2003, and the band signed an exclusive deal with NWN! Productions in 2005. The 'Firestorm Redemption' 12" maxi single released in January 2006, followed by the debut LP/CD/PD 'Return to Dust' in May 2006. Simultaneously with the release of 'Return to Dust,' Doug changed over to the rhythm guitar and Alex took up bass duties in addition to vocals. The 'Failsafe' 12" maxi single was released in late 2007, followed by the 'Firestorms and Chaos' compilation CD of B-sides and non-LP material in May 2008. The 'Incendiary' LP/CD/PD was released in January 2010, and the covers compilation, 'Veneration' was released in 2013. In early 2015, rhythm guitarist Doug Overbay went on hiatus, leaving the band to continue as a three piece. The band's third original album, 'The Unburiable Dead' was released in September 2015, followed by a special live picture disc, 'Chaosmongers Alive: 8/21/2006,' as part of the NWN! Productions' 'Onward // Ascendant' series. In November 2016, a limited 12" picture disc featuring the band's first demo and 'Chaosmongers Alive' live 7" was released at the NWN! Festival in Berlin to celebrate the band embarking on a two and a half week European tour. AK returned to western Canada and the Pacific NW in June 2017 for five dates, returning home to finish rehearsals for the upcoming album. In February 2018, the band joined the Pandemoniac Wolfmarch Tour with their brothers in Watain and Destroyer 666 for ten dates as they stormed across the northern United States. In June, the band finished up the tour cycle for 'The Unburiable Dead' with three shows in eastern Canada before returning home to begin recording their new album, 'By the Light of the Their Destruction,' which was released in May 2019..