A. Petterson (Guitar, Bass Leviathan (SWE), Lik, Lönndom), Graav (Vocals, Guitar Lik, Lönndom), E. Danielsson (Drums Watain), Winterheart (Drums Nyktalgia, Sterbend, Tairach, Krieg), Mord (Bass), Roger "Phycon" Markstrom (Drums Leviathan (SWE), Maleficium (SWE))

Formed back in 1999.

Released vicious tunes through labels such as Sombre Records, Breath of Night Records, Drakkar Productions, Eisenwald & Agonia Records. Ended activity in 2004.

Past works: Volkermord Demo, 2000 In Blackest Ruin Split, 2001 The Final War Approaching Full-length, 2001 Armagedda / Woods of Infinity Split, 2002 Black Metal Endsieg III Split, 2002 Strength Through Torture EP, 2002 Only True Believers Full-length, 2003 In Blackest Ruin EP, 2004 Ond Spiritism: Djæfvulens Skalder Full-length, 2004 Echoes in Eternity Compilation, 2007 Volkermord - The Appearance Compilation, 2010 I Am EP, 2010.