Armageddon (SWE)

Armageddon (SWE)
Christopher Amott (Vocals, Guitar ex-Arch Enemy), Matt Hallquist (Vocals), Joey Concepcion (Guitar), Sara Claudius (Bass), Márton Veress (Drums), Dick Lövgren (Bass Cromlech (SWE), Meshuggah, Last Tribe, Time Requiem, Frequency), Daniel Erlandsson (Drums Liers In Wait, Revengia, Arch Enemy, Eucharist, The End (SWE), ex-In Flames), Martin Bengtsson (Bass), Jonas Nyren (Vocals In Thy Dreams), Rickard Bengtsson (Vocals Last Tribe, ex-Tristitia), Tobias Gustafsson (Bass Eucharist, The End (SWE), Croam), Lagren (Bass), Michael Amott (Guitar Spiritual Beggars, Arch Enemy, ex-Candlemass, ex-Carnage (SWE), ex-Carcass), Kari Lönn (Keyboard), Peter Wildoer (Drums Non-Human Level, Darkane, Majestic, Electrocution 250, Agretator, Silver Seraph, Grimmark, ex-Arch Enemy, ex-Time Requiem)

Armageddon first came to life in Sweden in 1997 as a studio project, with cult album "Crossing the Rubicon", a sci-fi themed concept album.

Two more albums followed, "Embrace the Mystery" in 2000 and "Three" in 2003, both featuring different line-ups and different musical directions, Christopher Amott being the sole original member. Armageddon has now been resurrected in its most powerful form. The band is based out of New York City, and has brought unto itself a crushing line-up of musicians.

Together they have once again conjured up the force that is ARMAGEDDON. CAPTIVITY & DEVOURMENT consists of 10 awe-inspiring and ingeniously crafted songs, full of devastating riffs, soaring guitar leads and fist pumping choruses. Heavy, melodic, technical, and groovy: this is creative metal songwriting with one foot in deep in the classics and and one eye gazing towards the distant future. .

Melodic Death Metal band led by guitarist Christopher Amott (ex-Arch Enemy)