As You Drown

As You Drown
Simon Exner (Guitar), Robert Karlsson (Bass), Martin Latvala (Drums ex-Stabotage), Henrik Blomqvist (Vocals ex-Shadowbuilder), Mikael Akerstrom (Guitar)

As You Drown is a death metal band formed in BorĂ¥s, Sweden in the winter of 2003/2004.

They have released two studio albums, "Reflection" (2009) and "Rat King" (2011). The band has also shared the stage with bands such as Vader and Entombed and played at festivals like Neurotic Deathfest and Death Feast Open Air..

DISCOGRAPHY: Reflection (2009) Metal Blade Records Rat King (2011) Metal Blade Records ORDER "Rat King" HERE: Sweden: CDON: GINZA: North America - Europe - UK - .

Henrik Blomqvist - Vocals Mikael Åkerström - Guitars Simon Exner - Guitars Robert Karlsson - Bass Martin Latvala - Drums