Ashes You Leave

Ashes You Leave
Berislav Poje (Vocals, Guitar [since 1995]), Marta Batinic (Violin [since 1995]), Luka Petrovic (Bass [since 2007], ex-Gorthaur's Wrath), Saša Vukosav (Drums [since 2012], Czaar, Svitogor, ex-Gorthaur's Wrath), Giada Etro (Vocals [since 2011]), Hrvoje Karabajic (Keyboard [2000]), Kristijan Milic (Bass [2000-2002]), Damir Cencic (Keyboard [2002]), Dalibor Franjkic (Drums [2007-2011]), Tamara Mulaosmanovic (Vocals, Keyboard [2007-2011]), Vanja Tornato (Bass [1995-1999] [2002]), Dunja Radetic (Vocals, Flute [1995-2000]), Ana Toric (Keyboard, Flute [2012-2013]), Neven Mendrila (Guitar [1995-2002]), Armando Floricic (Drums [2011], Risen To Reclaim), Matija Rempesic (Guitar [2004-2013]), Marina Zrilic (Vocals [2000-2002]), Gordan Cencic (Drums [1995-2002])

Biography When Ashes You Leave was formed back in ’95 all the odds were against them.

Back in those days dreaming about music success in war torn Croatia was just one step from being classified as a lunatic. A few young doom metal fans had a different idea.

They actually decided to beat the odds and formed, what later became the biggest Croatian metal band of all times - Ashes You Leave. After recording two demos, they attracted attention from various record labels and decided to sign a record deal for Morbid Records from Germany. That deal led to the release of their debut album “The Passage Back to Life”.

Although seemingly opus dedicated to their childhood heroes like My Dying Bride, this album is considered by many as THE classic doom metal album that will stand the test of time and have its place in the doom metal’s Hall of Fame if one was ever to be created. Since they were full of ideas and energy it took them only a year to release the second album “Desperate Existence”.

This was clearly a step forward from their doom roots and is widely considered (and deservedly so) as the darkest AYL record ever (hence the title). With already established huge fan base throughout world, AYL had great expectations from their 3rd album “The Inheritance of Sin and Shame”, and it proved to be a milestone in their career.

Not only that it simply swept most of the reviewers of their feet and outsold its predecessors, it gave the band their first taste of foreign stages as AYL embarked on their virgin European tour. Finally the fans had a chance to witness the band in live situation and most of them were surprised by the ferocity and heaviness that hit them. After the release of “The Inheritance of Sin and Shame” AYL faced a potentially huge problem.

Their long time singer Dunja was unable to be a part of the band anymore and AYL started a search for a new singer. They were very fortunate to find Marina, a young and extremely talented singer.

She was a member of the Croatian most elite female choir Putokazi and settled nicely into the band. Many waited passionately to hear the new voice of AYL and were stunned when “Fire” album was released.

The success of the album opened some new doors for the band and AYL finally stepped on some of the biggest stages in the Europe, performing on festivals like Summer Breeze (with Dimmu Borgir, Paradise Lost…), Metal Female Voices (with Nightwish, Epica…) or Wave Gothic Treffen (with Moonspell, My Dying Bride…). The release of “Fire” album meant the end of one part of AYL career.

It was obvious that Morbid Records, firmly rooted into the death metal scene, could no longer be a home for AYL. Therefore the band decided not to renew their contract but rather search for a new label. After 5 years of songwriting and additional line-up changes (the most notable one being a new singer Tamara), AYL were ready to record their 5th album.

All these years of songwriting were time wisely spent since their 5th album was a stunning collection of beautifully crafted gothic / doom masterpieces. Filled with a mix of amazing melodies, heavy guitar riffs, sorrowful violin parts and enchanting vocals, “Songs Of The Lost” was the most complete and mature AYL album to date, it was an album worth waiting for seven years.

“Songs of the Lost” was released in winter of 2009 through a Greek record label called Sleaszy Rider Records. Promotion of the album included appearances on the biggest festivals in Europe including Brutal Assault, Metal Camp, IN-Music Fest and Wave Gothic Treffen for the third time. Now it was time to rewrite the history as AYL was ready to release the successor of “Songs of the Lost”.

Ashes You Leave returns with it's, critically acclaimed sixth record, "The Cure for Happiness". This is their heaviest and most mature effort to this date, a record that will fuel your blackened souls.

The Cure for Happiness was published via Rock N Growl Records on 29th of November 2012. The record features the enchanting Ms.

Giada “Jade” Etro behind the microphone. This mesmerizing and amazingly talented singer comes from Italy and this is her first release as a lead singer. Be prepared to hear the perfect soundtrack to your suicide! The Funeral Band is back! Discography: The Kingdom Before the Lies Demo 1996.

(Self) The Passage Back to Life - 1998. (Morbid Records) Desperate Existence - 1999.

(Morbid Records) The Inheritance of Sin and Shame - 2000. (Morbid Records) Fire - 2002.

(Morbid Records) Songs of the Lost - 2009. (Sleaszy Rider Records) The Cure for Happiness – 2012.

(Rock 'N Growl Records) .

Doom Metal since 1995