At The Throne Of Judgment

At The Throne Of Judgment
Matt Creekmore (Guitar), Brad Weaver (Guitar, Bass), Roger Hensley (Drums), Eric Kemp (Vocals), James Ruehlmann (Guitar), Keith Murphy (Drums), Matt Smith (Vocals), Stuart Leak (Vocals), Zach West (Bass), Adam McKibben (Bass), Cory Knight (Guitar)

After discontinuing touring to complete college in 2007 At the Throne planned to release a follow up album entitled "Twilight Kings." The first single "Diabolist" was released in mid 2008 however, the project never fully materialized.

While the group has maintained silence online and made no public performances in recent years - faint echoes have been heard in the hallways of dimly lit campus residence halls in Nashville, Tennessee. Something sinister has been transpiring discretely in dark college dorm rooms.

Will it summon the strength to coalesce and emerge from the darkness or shall it loom in the shadows interminably? Its fate remains uncertain....