At Vance

At Vance
Olaf Lenk (Guitar, Keyboard [since 1998], founder member, ex-Velvet Viper, ex-Zed Yago), Alex Landenburg (Drums [since 2007], Annihilator, Philosophobia, Broken Grace), Rick Altzi (Vocals [since 2007], Thunderstone, Masterplan, Epysode), Wolfman Black (Bass [since 2009], Justice), Uli Müller (Keyboard [1999-2002]), Jürgen Lucas (Drums [2000-2006], Powerworld), Mark Cross (Drums [2005-2006], God's Army, The Supremacy, Firewind, ex-Helloween, ex-Metalium (GER) , ex-Winters Bane, ex-Nightfall (GRC)), John ABC Smith (aka Dario Trobok) (Bass [2005-2006], Gallows Pole (GER), Hallowed (IRL), God's Army, ex-Scanner), Sascha Feldmann (Bass [2003-2004]), Manuel Walther (Bass [2007-2009], Purple Haze), Mats Levén (Vocals [2003-2006], Fatal Force, Audiovision, Sabbtail, Krux, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen, ex-Southpaw, ex-Therion, ex-Abstrakt Algebra), Jochen Schnur (Bass [1999-2002]), Reinald König (Guitar [1999-2004]), Spoony (Drums [1999]), Olivier Hartmann (Vocals [1998-2003], founder member, Aina, Empty Tremor, Genius, Iron Mask, Avantasia)

At Vance is a German power metal/Neo-classical metal band.

They were formed by vocalist Oliver Hartmann (ex-Centers) and guitarist Olaf Lenk (ex-Velvet Viper) in 1998. With the combined credentials of vocalist Oliver Hartmann and guitarist Olaf Lenk on their résumés, At Vance easily obtained a deal with Shark Records. Rainald König (guitar), Uli Müller (keyboards), Jochen Schnur (bass), and Spoony (drums) rounded out the lineup that recorded 1999's debut No Escape.

European fans lapped it up, and the group's second release, 2000's Heart of Steel (featuring new drummer Jurgen Lucas) was a surprise hit in Japan and encouraged At Vance to quickly issue a followup in 2001's Dragonchaser. Barely pausing for breath, the next year saw the band switching to AFM Records, losing their bassist and keyboard player, releasing their fourth album Only Human, and then hitting the road across Europe with Rhapsody and Angel Dust.

A number of personnel changes ensued in 2003, as At Vance welcomed new vocalist Mats Levén and bassist Sascha Feldmann before recording their next LP The Evil in You. A tour with Kamelot followed the release. Later, Lenk fired König and Feldmann, replacing the latter with bassist John ABC Smith (ex-Scanner, ex-Gallows Pole).

All guitar work was performed by Lenk, and drums by Mark Cross (ex-Helloween). This formation released a new record, Chained, which transpired to be the album with Mats Levén on lead vocals.

In April 2007, At Vance's announce their new record entitled VII, introducing young singer Rick Altzi on vocals. The album was mastered at Finnvox by Mika Jussila. Several of At Vance's albums contain transcriptions of classical pieces such as the first movement of Ludwig van Beethoven's Fifth Symphony and "Spring" and "Summer" from Antonio Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons." Their new lineup was announced on the band's webpage, adding Alex Landenburg (from Annihilator) on drums and Manuel Walther on bass. In May 2009, the band announces that Manuel Walther left At Vance and would be replaced by Wolfman Black of the German band Justice.

After their 8th Album "Ride The Sky " from 2009 and the release of their best of album "Decade" At Vance is back on tour through Germany and northern Europe. The band around guitarist Olaf Lenk will release a new album in 2011 and after 3 years of touring silence they're out on the roads again with their neo-classical power metal. Mastermind Olaf Lenk has again gathered fantastic musicians around him: Rick Altzi with his incredible, multi-octave voice, Alex Landsburg on drums and Wolfman on bass merge into a melodic power metal explosion. Be At Vanced!.