Shadrak (Drums [since 1997], Morphosys), Stephanie Luzie (Vocals [since 1997], ex-Darkwell), Maximilian Schulz (Guitar [2008-2009]), Lord Lornhold (Vocals, Bass [1997-2010]), Tialupa (Violin [2006-2010]), Satyria (Keyboard), Ernst "Azmo" Wurdak (Guitar), Margit (Keyboard), Artur Vladinovskij (Guitar [2009-2010])

Biography / band info The Gothic Metal band ATARGATIS (Massacre Records) was founded in 1997.

The term “Atargatis” represents the name of the Syrian goddess of existence. “ATARGATIS“ – allegory for the creating power and the origin of live, for the urge for mystic experience, for the unfathomable and inscrutable, both outside of human spheres and deep within… Stephanie Luzie’s voice (also singer of the Austrian Gothic band Darkwell) is altering with Lord Lornhold’s male dark voice. Atmospheric melodies, violin parts and orchestral lines complete the varying sound of ATARGATIS. Groovy as well as aggressive though mostly very melodic parts are followed by gentle, solemn passages and are thus interweaved to a mystical sound material. Discography: New album "NOVA" : produced and mix-mastered von Seref A. Badir (Helion Studios Munich).

The CD „NOVA“ was released on November 14th 2007 and will be distributed through Massacre Records / Soulfood worldwide. Cover artwork by Katja Piolka. The new album describes the interplay of the four elements fire, water, earth and air that are present on planet earth.

The elements or the combination thereof stand patron for each single song. This can easily be seen from the sound character of the songs as well as from the elaborate layout concept of the cover artwork. "NOVA" is able to present the following guest musicians: Matthias Hechler - Vocals (Crematory) Thomas Helm - Vocals (Noekk, Empyrium) Tialupa - Violine, Viola (formerly of Junge Sinfonie Berlin) · 2006 CD “Wasteland” Produced by Seref A.

Badir (Helion Studios Munich), mix-mastered by Alexander Krull (Mastersound Studio); released via Massacre Records, distributed through Soulfood; guest musicians: Stefan Hertrich - vocals (Darkseed), Moritz Neuner - percussions, treble flute (Leaves' Eyes, Atrocity, Darkwell) · 2004 EP "Divine Awakening" Produced by Seref A. Badir (Helion Studios Munich); guest singer: Stefan Fiori (Graveworm); the song “Angels´ Crying” was number one in the download charts for almost 2 years of (song of the month).

2005 ATARGATIS entered the "Hall of Fame" at; i.a. 14/15 Pts.

at Legacy magazine. · 2001 EP "Accurst from the Deep" The songs „Through The Mists Of Oblivion” & “Last Goodbye”offered at kept ahead for 4 years in the downloading charts; sold out · 1999 EP "Alba Gebraich" EP: „Alba Gebraich“: already sold out. References: (beside the about 250 concerts played European wide , following additional references) Compilations: (2008) Gothic Spirits 7 (Riven) (2006) Gothic Spirits 4 (Thy Crystallic Ascension) (2006) Beautiful Voices 2 (Selina) (2006) Metal Hammer (HUN) (Selina) (2005) Sonic Terrorism (From Sirius) (2002) Zap’n Duster (Neverwake) (2000) European Deathophobia II (Arthus Pendragon) (2000) Eternity (CD ) XIV (Eternal Hero) (1999) Essence of Darkness (Arthus Pendragon) (1999) Into the Dark Season I (Arthus Pendragon) Soundtracks / movies: (2005) ”Damnatus“ (GER) Science Fiction, Action (Angels’ Crying) (2005) „Sinners & Saints“ (USA) Horror, Erotic thriller (Mists of Oblivion) Festivals: (2005,2009) Wave Gotik Treffen (GER) (2008) Metal Female Voices Fest (B) (2005,2008) Welcome Goodbye Festival (GER) (2004) Rock Shock Festival (AUT) (2004) Bands Battle (GER) (2004) Franken Schwarz Festival (GER) (2002) Metal Against Cancer Festival (GER) (2002, 2001) Walpurgis Metal Days (GER) (2002) Fuck the Flut (Commerce) Festival (GER) (2001, 2003, 2004) Out Of Control Festival (GER) (2001) Protzen Open Air (GER) Touring - “Wasteland”-Tour 2006/2007 & „Nova“ -Tour 2008 w / CREMATORY “Klagebilder“-Tour 10/06 - 11/06 w / ILLUMINATE “Zwei Seelen”-Tour 01/07 w/ CREMATORY "Pray over Europe Tour“ 05/08 - 10/08 w/ AUTUMN Tour 09/09 Contact & Booking: c/o Jürgen Bürsgens, Sudetenstr. 26, 93073 Neutraubling, GERMANY;;

German Symphonic Gothicmetal since 1997.....