Augury (CAN)

Augury (CAN)
Étienne Gallo (Drums [2003-2006] [2007-2009, since 2012] Quadrivium, Yves Custeau (live), ex-Disembarkation, ex-Neuraxis, ex-Vengeful, ex-Zillah, ex-Aborted (live), ex-Neg), Mathieu Marcotte (Guitar [since 2002] Humanoid, ex-Spasme), Dominic "Forest" Lapointe (Bass [2002-2010, since 2012] Beyond Creation, Humanoid, Atheretic, ex-Satanized, ex-Quo Vadis (live), ex-Gore, ex-Negativa), Patrick Loisel (Vocals, Guitar [since 2002] Spirit Of The Forest (live), ex-Foreshadow, ex-Kralizec), Arianne Fleury (Vocals [2002-2005] ex-September 12), Antoine Baril (Drums [2009] ex-Tormentor Allegoria (live), ex-MAG (live), ex-Signs Of Fate, ex-Bone Setter, ex-Sanction, ex-Self Circus), Tommy McKinnon (Drums [2010] live member, Humanoid, ex-Torn Within, ex-Jester, ex-Nefastüs Diès, ex-Neuraxis, ex-Vatican), Gabrielle Borgia (Vocals), Philipe Cousineau (Drums [2006-2007] ex-Mesmerism), Mathieu Groulx (Drums [2002] Frozen, ex-Adenine, ex-Decadawn, ex-Tears For The Dead Gods, ex-13th Melody), Christian Pacaud (Bass [2010] live member, ex-MAG), Sebastien Pittet (Bass [2010-2012] Humanoide)

Hailing from Montreal, Canada, Augury began his journey in 2001 with an intent from the start to deliver an extreme dose of death-black-progressive metal along with an intriguing/scientific and esoteric lyrical concept.

In that period the band was born from the ashes of many local acts such as: Foreshadow, Kralizec (Patrick Loisel), Atheretic, Quo Vadis, (Dominic ''Forest'' Lapointe), Spasme (Mathieu Marcotte), and Disembarkation, Neuraxis (Etienne Gallo) and Arianne Fleury. With the album ''Concealed'' - 2004 and ''Fragmentary Evidence'' - 2009, the band quickly draw attention from metal lovers and medias around the globe and toured several times in North America following their record deal with Nuclear Blast records in 2009. After touring most intensively in 2009-2010, the band since then played at the Heavy Mtl festival in 2013 and 2015 to name a few and mostly during that time devoted themselves to composition for their 3rd effort. Newly signed on The Artisan Era, and with Antoine Baril (From Dying Suns, Contemplator) now behind the drum kit, Augury has come out with new ideas for their new album (Illusive Golden Age).

Blended with influences from their two predecessors; Concealed and Fragmentary Evidence, following the same path of extreme pounding riffing mixed to the sci-fi/historical concept, Augury are back with their progressive tornado. Recorded at Humanoise Studio by Mathieu / Hemisphere Studio by Antoine, and mixed by Christian Donaldson at The Grid.

The album was released in spring 2018 on The Artisan Era. .

Montreal progressive death metal.