Ulf Theodor Schwadorf (Bass, Drums, Keyboard Sun Of the Sleepless, The Vision Bleak, Noekk, Nachtmahr, ex-Empyrium,), Markus "Eldron" Baltes (Vocals ex-Flaming Entity, ex-Mysterium (GER), ex-Paragon Of Beauty), Andreas "Arisjel " Schuler (Drums, Back Vocals ex-Paragon Of Beauty), Marco Wolfanger (Guitar), Carsten Pinkle (Guitar), Heike Weber (Keyboard), Joey Siedl (Guitar), Phil Hillen (Bass), Mike Müller (Drums)

Founded by Markus & Tati sometime around 1996/1997, Autumnblaze became to kinda masters of transformation - from the black/death/folk debut "DämmerElbenTragödie" over depressive metal "Bleak", experimental trip rock "Mute boy Sad girl", melancholic alternative rock/postrock "Words are not what they seem", haunting dark metal "Perdition diaries" and dramatic melancholic rock/metal with "Every sun is fragile". 1999 DämmerElbenTragödie CD 2000 Bleak CD 2002 Mute boy Sad girl CD 2002 Lighthouses MCD 2003 Mute sessions Acoustic CD 2004 Words are not what they seem CD 2009 Perdition Diaries CD 2013 Every sun is fragile CD .

Autumnblaze is a rock/metal band from Germany creating melancholic and atmospheric soundscapes combining different genres such as metal, post rock, black metal, trip hop, singer-songwriter to a unique style.

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