Ava Inferi

Ava Inferi
André Sobral (Guitar), Carmen Susana Simoes (Vocals ex-Aenima), Rune Eriksen (Guitar In Silence (NOR), Aura Noir, Mezzerschmitt, Amicus, Mayhem (NOR)), Joana Messias (Bass), Sasha Horn (Drums ex-Novembers Doom), Marco Agostinho (Guitar), Joao Samora (Drums Forgotten Suns), Nuno Roberto (Guitar session member), Jaime S. Ferreira (Bass)

With "Blood of Bacchus" AVA INFERI serve the musical equivalent to a brilliant wine.

Outmost pleasing to the aural palate are the rich and sweet vocals added by Portuguese singer Carmen Simões resembling a golden Tawny Port. A far darker tint is added to the barrel by renowned composer Rune Eriksen, who has changed the course of Norwegian Black Metal with his work in legendary MAYHEM.

Yet in AVA INFERI the listener tastes a far more subtle balance born out of a unique blending of Doom and Gothic Metal influences, but always remaining faithful to Eriksen's distinctive style, which is a far cry from any average verse/chorus structure. AVA INFERI is the brainchild of Rune Eriksen, who wanted to cultivate darkness and despair in different ways than his renowned Black Metal expression and singer Carmen Simões, who had already captured attention as a member of different Portuguese outfits such as AENIMA, ISIPHILON and POETRY OF SHADOWS.

The ultimate idea behind this union is the release and channeling of all frustration and misery that life sometimes brings, but also to give birth to a free and independent portal to the never-ending well of expression and creativity. When the wheels are set in motion during the year 2005 the circle is soon completed with bassist Jaime Ferreira and drummer Joao Samora.

AVA INFERI embrace the two hearts of their bi-national origins with blood-soaked hands. From Portugal derives a morbid fascination of death and ancient melancholy as materialised in its Fado songs full of longing and sadness.

Norway contributes a harsh sense of darkness that has expressed itself most recently within the Metal genre. The joining of these two souls in a yin yang relationship becomes first manifest in AVA INFERI's debut "Burdens", which is released during January 2006.

The title describes that collective soul of the band at that time, referring to the past and misshapenness of all kinds. "Burdens" is rooted in the essences of pain and fear, yet blooms with a permeating warmth and burning passion, which earns the newly founded Gothic Doomsters a hearty welcome and praise from the press.

Having found their very own style AVA INFERI continue to explore new boundaries and refine their style with their second release "The Silhouette", which is again out on Season of Mist in October 2007. The listeners are taken onto a journey of melancholy by doomsday-laden riffs, haunting melodies and fado-like passages.

"The Silhouette" invites to wander through cities of grief and dive into weeping oceans. The album also established Carmen Simões among the ranks of the strongest and most passionate female vocalists within the Gothic Doom genre.

Her outstanding abilities caused fellow Portuguese MOONSPELL to invite Carmen to sing on all their latest releases as the leading female voice, which she gladly accepted. With their third album "Blood of Bacchus" the Portuguese/Norwegian band now deliver their finest work so far.

AVA INFERI demonstrate carefully honed and exquisitely mature songwriting skills. A first tasting was offered to the audience of the Hellhounds Fest with TIAMAT and THE 69 EYES in February 2009, which was very well received by their audience.

In addition to their very own sound a guest contribution by enigmatic singer Kristoffer "Garm" Rygg aka Trickster G. (ULVER) adds further spice to "Blood of Bacchus".

This masterpiece artfully combines titbits of delicate sweetness, melancholic bitterness and dark honeyed aftertaste. Take a deep sip of the "Blood of Bacchus" and rejoice!.