David "Dave Rotten" Sánchez González (Vocals [since 1991], Christ Denied, Golgotha (ESP), Putrevore, Yskelgroth, Unwom, ex-Anaemia), Jose "Cabra" María De Miguel Orero (Guitar [since 1992]), Juan "Juancar" Carlos Calvo (Guitar [since 1994], ex-Sacrophobia), Antonio "Tana" Carlos Rodríguez Espigares (Bass [since 1994], ex-Mistress), Erik Raya (Drums ex-Silver Fist), Lucky (Bass [1992-1996]), Javi "El Largo" (Guitar [1991]), Iván (Bass [1996-1998]), Luisma (Guitar [1992-1994], Haemorrhage), Furni (Drums [1995-2004], ex-Intoxication (ESP), Suffocation (ESP), Terroristars, The Seed), Ricardo Moreno (Guitar, Bass ex-Knell Odyssey), Toni (Drums [1992-1993]), Ricardo "Riky" Mena (Drums [2004-2012], Wormed, ex-Dark Erial, Trollgard), Oscar Bravo (Drums [2012-2014], Nightfear, Sobredosis, ex-Atmosphere Grey)

AVULSED is without any doubt the most veteran and constant band in the Spanish extreme Metal scene since its inception in August '91.

Being the most active band in terms of releases (despite of not being a very prolific band) and live performances around the world and never even taking a small break ever since always being loyal to their Death Metal style. The band has been developing its musical style through various demos ("Embalmed in Blood"-'92, "Deformed Beyond Belief"-'93 and "Promo'95") a 7"EP ("Carnivoracity"-'94) which was later re-released as a mini CD ("Carnivoracity") until they recorded their debut album ("Eminence in Putrescence"-'96) through Repulse Rec. where the band showed its pure Death Metal sound mixing up both heavy & brutal riffs with melodic parts being the very first spanish extreme Metal (Death, Black, Grind...) band to get a deal with not only one, but two foreign labels in the year '93 for the release of their 7"EP and split 12"LP that were released in '94. With "Cybergore"-'98 the band proved that there's no boundaries in music and mixed extreme Techno with their traditional Death Metal guitar sound & vocals.

In April '99 a colombian label offered the band to release all their demos and unreleased rare recordings on CD ("Seven Years of Decay"-'99). The second album ("Stabwound Orgasm"-'99). Was recorded at Spacelab Studios located in Kempen (Germany) to secure a first-class production and was mastered by James Murphy in California.

Again released by Repulse Rec., this album doubled in sales to its predecessor and was licensed by various labels in South-America (Sylphorium), USA/Canada (World War III) and Russia (IronD). In January 2001, the band entered the studios again, this time with producer Roberto Galán, known for his job as sound engineer of the biggest alternative Metal band in Spain HAMLET to record 4 cover songs for different tribute albums which were finally put together as a self'financed MCD ("Bloodcovered"-'01) in a very limited run of 500 copies available only through the band. In August '02, the band travelled again to Germany's Spacelab Studios to record their 3rd album "Yearning for the Grotesque" which came out in Feb.'03 through italian label AvantGarde Music after countless delays and resulting on a very dissapointing work from the label which caused a premature termination of their contract requested by the band in order to be able to find a more suitable label. The band's 4th full-length album "Gorespattered Suicide" was recorded in Madrid at VRS Studios and the masters were later sent to Erik Rutan (HATE ETERNAL/ ex-MORBID ANGEL) who mixed & mastered the album at his own Mana Recording Studios at Florida being released in January '05 by Slovakian label Metal Age Prod.

Being followed by a tour in Japan (April '05), European fests like London DeathFest, Obscene Extreme (Czech Rep.), Uncover Train Fest (Paris), plus a completeEuropean tour (15 shows/11 countries) as headliners together with Italian Grinders GRIMNESS 69. "Reanimations"-'06 was released by Xtreem Music and shortly after also by Metal Age Prod. It included two new songs, a new version from a 1st demo song, 3 covers songs (WASP, GOREFEST & EXODUS), plus 8 bands doing covers from AVULSED songs.

September '07 sees the first official DVD release by AVULSED with the "Reanimating Russia 2007", recorded in Moscow in June '07 during the band's second Russian tour, and released by Coyote Rec. After 3 years touring and doing fests, like Mexico '06, Russia '06 and '07, Bringer of Death (Ger), Neurotic Death Fest (Hol), Italia '07, Kaltenbach Open Air (Aus), Mountains of Death (Swi), among many others, AVULSED focuses on their upcoming 5th full-length album "Nullo (The Pleasure of Self-Mutilation)"-'09 recorded in Madrid at Room 101 Studios between October '08 and May '09 with Javier Fernández (THE HERETIC/ NEXUS 6) as engineer and producer together with the band, resulting the most aggressive, straight, and complete work in AVULSED career, including all the defining elements for the brutal, catchy, intense and heavy Death Metal that is already the genuine band's trademark!! Including the sick art and design from Mike Hrubovcak (Grave, Monstrosity, Mortician, Cattle Decapitation...). This album was simultaneously released in June '09 through Xtreem Music & Metal Age Prod.

in Europe, Coyote Rec. in Russia and will see upcoming releases by Ibex Moon Rec.

in the US, American Line Prod. in Mexico/Central America and Sylphorium for the south American territory.

Regarding live performances, AVULSED has gained a strong reputation as one of the most intense, aggressive & ferocious bands on stage. Nearly 400 live appearances around the planet where the band has performed four full European Tours (w/SINISTER-'96, w/INCANTATION-'97 and as headliners in '05 & '09) and even crossed the Atlantic Ocean 4 times already to play 2 shows in Venezuela (Sept.'99), a 12-dates tour as headliner through central America (May'00) in countries like USA/California (2), Mexico (4), Guatemala (2), El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua & Costa Rica and to play on the 3rd Metal Meltdown Festival in USA/New Jersey (Apr.'01) and a full 9-shows tour in Mexico '06 as well as 2 shows in Japan '05 and three Russian tours ('06/'07/'09). The band has shared stage with hundreds of bands outstanding some like NAPALM DEATH, DESTRUCTION, MANOWAR, CRADLE OF FILTH, SUFFOCATION, ENTOMBED, DISSECTION, VADER, UNLEASHED, CRYPTOPSY, SODOM, IMPALED NAZARENE, DISGORGE (mex), NILE, VOMITORY, AMORPHIS, OPETH, CATHEDRAL, GOREFEST, EXODUS, INFAMY, DETERIOROT, IMPALED NAZARENE, INCANTATION, MONSTROSITY, IMMOLATION, DARK FUNERAL, MORTICIAN, GORGUTS, DIABOLIC, DYING FETUS, TANKARD, GORGASM, FLOTSAM & JETSAM, DEEDS OF FLESH, ROTTEN SOUND, DERANGED, SIX FEET UNDER, JESUS MARTYR, BLOOD, ADRAMELECH, KRISIUN, ENSLAVED, CENTINEX, FLESHGRIND, MALIGNANCY, ABORTED, CATASTROPHIC and tons of others. In 2011, AVULSED performed some killer shows at such renowned festivals as Maryland Deahfest (USA), Way of Darkness (Germany), Killtown Deathfest (Denmark) and Altavoz (Colombia).

However, 2012 didn't start too well for the band, which immersed in writing process for a new album, had to take the difficult decision of parting way with their drummer Riky. Just one month later, Osckar joined the band as the new drummer and AVULSED continues working, harder than ever, writing new material to complete the band's 6th full length album tentatively called "Ritual Zombi" to be recorded in early 2013 for a release during late spring. The story continues for AVULSED after 21 years of non-stopping devotion to something of what the band has already become a synonym: Death Metal!!.

Death Metal