Baboon Rising

Baboon Rising
Mark Rathke (Vocals, Guitar)

Formed as Baboon in 1987 by Mark Rathke & Thomas Miller.

Thomas has since left leaving Baboon Rising a one man band after a one and a half album appearance by Roger Bond. In 1995 the name changed to Baboon Rising after learning of another band with the same name.

Since 2002 most tracks on Baboon Rising albums have had drums and/or drum programming by Dave (Iggy) Eagle. The Legacy of Baboon Rising * The inspiration of a select few skaters and metal heads at Broadway High School * The groups first (and only) live concert which led to Roger and Mark joining Basix, which later became Sabaoth * Radio airplay on several radio stations in the local area. * Featured on The G. Gordon Liddy show as a finalist of a nationwide song contest.

Heard by 8-10 Million people. * A heavy metal version of the Sledge Hammer! theme included in both seasons of the show released to DVD .