Syphon (Bass), SG.7 (Guitar, Back Vocals Horna), LRH (Drums), TG (Guitar), Kommander Lord Sargofagian (Vocals, All instruments Calvarium, Valonsurma, ex-Ravine, ex-Trotzreich, ex-Ymir, ex-Black Death Ritual, ex-Horna, ex-Uncreation's Dawn, ex-Satanic Warmaster, ex-Behexen), Molestor Kadotus (Bass session member), Cinatas (Guitar live member), Demonium (Drums), Kobalt (Drums live member), Slaughterer (Bass Valonsurma), Sds (Guitar live member, Black Death Ritual)

Baptism is Eliterian Black Metal band from Finland. Era I: BAPTISM was formed by vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter Lord Sargofagian and Demoniun on drums in the Finnish town of Ylöjärvi in 1998.

As early as the summer of the same year, the first and now extremely rare demo 'Satanic Rituals' was released. A second demo entitled 'Sons of Ruin & Terror' followed in the year 2000.

The band was joined by Slaughterer on bass in 2001 and this line-up unleashed first full-length 'The Beherial Midnight' (2002), as well as sophomore album 'Wisdom & Hate' (2003). Afterwards, Lord Sargofagian relocated his centre of activity to Kuopio and his former allies left the band. Era II: BAPTISM quickly reformed in Kuopio, when Lord Sargofagian met Spellgoth and SG.7 joined the band before taking on duties as live guitarist and singing clean vocals.

The EP 'Black Ceremony' as well as a split 7" with Uncreation's Dawn followed in 2004. Local musicians Kobalt on drums as well as SDS and Cinatas were added to the group, which performed their first live ritual in Kouvola, Finland.

More live appearances materialised in their home country after the release of a third full-length entitled 'Morbid Wings of Sathanas' (2005). On the following EP 'Evil Mysteries' (2006), Lord Sargofagian was responsible for playing all instruments. Era III: BAPTISM experienced another change of line-up when their mastermind returned to western Finland by moving to Tampere.

Cinatas handed his duties over to M, who became the band's third bassist. The black metal outfit began to perform internationally in 2007.

LRH became session drummer for the next album 'Grim Arts Of Melancholy' (2008), while TG took over as lead guitarist from SDS. The EP 'Chalice of Death' (2010) was recorded and released amidst rituals all over Europe and led to a mini tour in Russia.

In the meantime Syphon became the fourth bass player for the Finns. Era IV: BAPTISM unleashed their next full-length 'As the Darkness Enters' in 2012 for which the men from the north toured during the following year including a first ritual in the USA. A number of reissues of earlier material followed in 2014 as demand for these cult releases had reached new heights.

This was emphasised by the rarities compilation album 'Gloria Tibi Satana', which was released early 2015. Era V: BAPTISM sign a new record deal with Season of Mist. A new album is planned for release in 2016.

The writing process is currently a work in progress... AMSG. * * * Discography/ Crimes for Satan: 'Satanic Rituals' Reh.Demo 1998 (self released) 'Sons of Ruin & Terror' Demo 2000 (Warmoon Records) 'The Beherial Midnight' CD/LP/Cass Full-length 2002 (Northern Heritage) 'Wisdom & Hate' mCD/LP 2004 (Northern Heritage) 'Baptism / Uncreation's Dawn' Split 7" 2004 (ltd.

500) (Hammer of Hate) 'Black Ceremony' Picture 7" / Cass box. 2004 (ltd.

400/150) (Faustian prod / Breath of Pestilence prod.) 'Baptism/Vritra' split 7"(ltd 100.) 2005 (Vermines Pestifera) 'Morbid Wings of Sathanas' Full-lenght 2005 (Northern Heritage) 'Evil Mysteries' 10" mLP 2006 (ltd. 1000) mCD 2013 (Northern Heritage) 'Grim Arts of Melancholy'CD/LP Full-length 2008 (Northern Heritage) 'Chalice of Death' 7" single 2010 (ltd.

666) (Northern Heritage) 'As The Darkness Enters' CD Full-lenght 2012, LP 2013 (Northern Heritage).