Aleksey Lozhenkov (Bass), Anton Lisin (Drums), Zarina Khamidullina (Vocals [since 2009]), Djonathan Lindaive (Vocals, Guitar [since 2004]), Rustem Shagitov (Guitar [2004-2005] [since 2007]), Regina Afanasieva (Vocals [2006-2009]), Michail Kobided (Drums [2006-2007]), Julia Kazakova (Vocals [2004-2006]), Aydar Gallyamov (Drums [2004-2006]), Timur Kudaev (Guitar [2004-2008]), Dinara Mansurova (Vocals [2004-2006]), Andrew Zotin (Bass, Drums [2006-2007]), Roman Davidenko (Bass [2005-2006])

Baradj (Барадж) is a band based in Kazan (Tatarstan, Russia), which performs in a unique genre.

The band positions itself as Bulgar-Folk-Metal (tatar ethnic metal). In addition, Baradj is a pioneer of post-folk-metal. It happened so that at the moment of band's formation there were no metal bands among tatar artists.

So, guys from a little town of Yelabuga have decided to fix this mistake. But naming themselves Tatar-folk-metal seemed not interesting enough to them.

They have decided to probe deeper into the history. In consequence, the concept of bulgar people has appeared (bulgar is an ancient and very disputable name of tatar people). The band needed a strong symbol and a unique title, so the dragon named Baradj has become such.

This winged creature is a composition of three different animals: Serpent (“Elan”), Snow Leopard (“Bars”) and Falcon (“Lachin”). He protected some people, and others were afraid of him so much that there are a lot of names for Baradj now – Zilant, Wyvern, Bi Beren, even Zmey Gorynych answer to this description fully.

The pictures of Baradj can be found on Viking shields and even on national or family emblems. This dragon is extremely well-known in both eastern and western worlds. After taking this name, guys have understood their purpose – popularization of tatar culture and history in this original way.

This is how the band started to work, and the idea started pushing the band’s musicians forward..

Baradj is a musical band from Kazan (Tatarstan, Russian Federation) that performs a unique genre. The band positions itself as bulgar folk-metal (tatar ethnic metal) and in addition they are pioneers in post-folk-metal.

Baradj - Bulgar Post-Folk-Metal band