Bare Infinity

Bare Infinity
Tomas (Guitar), Ida Elena (Vocals Cantus Lunaris), Anthony (Drums), Orlok Davis (Guitar), Nick (Bass), Kostas (Keyboard), Jiggly (Drums), Vincent (Back Vocals, Keyboard), Sverd (Bass), Christiana (Vocals Elysion), Alexander (Bass), Constantine (Keyboard), Angel (Vocals Seduce The Heaven, Broken Tempo)

Founded in Athens Greece in 2003 , Bare Infinity have been at the forefront of the Greek Symphonic metal genre since their creation.

After playing numerous shows through Greece and abroad from the onset of their founding , In 2009 the band released their highly acclaimed debut album "Always Forever" paving the way for Tours and shows outside of Greece , a first for any Greek band of their Genre at the time . The album was followed up by an EP "The passage" released in 2011 which led to their a series of shows outdise of Greece , most notebaly their appearence at the MFVF in Beligium. In 2012 the Band took a break and went through a complete lineup change, rebooting in 2014 headed by the italian singer Ida Elena DeRazza and releasing their latest Single "Race of Destiny" , produced by Jacob Hansen (Amaranthe,Evergrey and more.) .

This is the official facebook page for the Greek symphonic/power metal band BARE INFINITY. Formed by Thomas in Athens , the band started off as being one of the very first , if not the First Female fronted metal band in Greece . In the absence of a music scene at the time , Bare Infinitys regulary played shows around Greece usually together with bands of more extreme genres that dominated the Greek scene at the time. In on of the weirdest facts about the band , Bare Infinity has played at more black/death metal fests ,than those of its genre. In 2009 Bare Infinity parted ways with their founding singer Christianna and was eventually replaced by Angel . With her the band released 2 CDs , "Always Forever" and "The Passage" in 2009 and 2011 before the band finally taking a break and spliting in 2012. 2 Years later Thomas revamped the band with a new lineup headed by the italian singer Ida Elena deRazza. Soon they released their new single "Race of destiny" and now are preparing to release their next album .