Before The Dawn

Before The Dawn
Tuomas Saukkonen (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard Bonegrinder, Dawn Of Solace, The Final Harvest, Black Sun Aeon, ex-Rajavyöhyke, ex-Jumalhämärä, ex-Sinamore), Juho Räihä (Guitar Gloria Morti, Riverside Syndicate), Timo Hankola (Guitar), Matti Auerkallio (Drums), Atte Palokangas (Drums Sinity, Agonizer (FIN)), Tomi Luoma (Guitar [2007], live member, Kill The Romance), Panu Willman (Vocals, Guitar Dark Filth Fraternity, ex-Entwine, ex-St. Hood), Lars Eikind (Vocals, Bass Age Of Silence, Winds (NOR), ex-Khold), Jarkko Männikö (Guitar, Keyboard), Toni Broman (Bass), Mika Tanttu (Drums session member, Kill The Romance, ex-Drowned In Life, ex-Profane Omen), Jani Saajanaho (Vocals, Guitar session member), Dani Miettinen (Drums Tuoni, ex-Jumalhämärä, ex-Solacide), Katja Vauhkonen (Vocals session member), Joel Mäkinen (Keyboard live member), Timo Häkkinen (Drums live member, Sotajumala, Atakhama, Where Victims Lie), Mika Ojala (Guitar, Keyboard), Kimmo Nurmi (Drums session member), Tiina Ahokas (Vocals, Keyboard), Pekka Sarkkinen (Guitar), Aatu Mukka (Drums session member, Camorra, Downtrodden), Tomi Malin (Bass session member)

Finnish melancholic melodic death metal outfit BEFORE THE DAWN has once again risen from its ashes.

June 25, 2011, the concert at Nummirock festival, marked the end of the old line-up; after one month of re-grouping the band returned, playing at Tuska Open Air afterparty July 24, 2011. No rest for the wicked – right afterwards BEFORE THE DAWN hit the studio and in winter 2011 also European stages on their “Rebirth Tour 2011″, together with INSOMNIUM and MYGRAIN. This year, April 27, 2012 saw the “Rise of the Phoenix”.

An appropriate title of the seventh studio album, the second release via Nuclear Blast Records. BEFORE THE DAWN returns after living through a phase of changes and uncertainty – cleansed, renewed and stronger than ever! Leaving the pieces of both the musical and personal past behind, mastermind Tuomas Saukkonen, lead guitarist Juho Räihä and their new companions Pyry Hanski (Bass) and Joonas Kauppinen (Drums) get ready for conquering your ears with the finest blend of northern gloom and harsh melodic death metal, combining the heaviness of melodic death metal, the gloom of dark metal and the frostbitten cold of finnish winters with beautiful melodies and epic hymnody like no other band out there. Summer 2012 sees the BEFORE THE DAWN Phoenix live on festival stages - check them out! ----- Back in 1999, when Tuomas Saukkonen felt the need to break his routines as a drummer of a local band, his new metal project called BEFORE THE DAWN was born.

As soon as the studio was booked, the following demo session started a decade that brought three demos, five full length albums, one DVD and two mini albums. BEFORE THE DAWN also hit both single and album charts in the bands home country Finland many times and played a huge amount of shows in more than 16 countries supporting bands like KATATONIA, MOONSPELL, SWALLOW THE SUN, SCAR SYMMETRY and AMORPHIS. Soon, the band had gathered a solid fan base all around the globe.

Although the first 10 years were characterized by many label and line up changes, 2010 introduced the strongest BTD line-up ever to be seen on stage and in the studio. The same year also took the band to position #1 of the official Finnish charts with their “Decade Of Darkness” -EP and in front of Asian metalheads in China and Japan supporting STRATOVARIUS and TURISAS.

Right afterwards BEFORE THE DAWN recorded the “Deathstar Rising” -album in late 2010. It picked up where they left off with their highly successful 2007 effort “Deadlight”, delivering melodies and emotions, brutal riffs and devastating intensity.

This album marked another important step in the band’s career: After 6th full lengths, numerous tours and gigs in over 20 countries and several label changes, BEFORE THE DAWN reached a crossroad that lead them under the mighty wings of Nuclear Blast in the end of 2010. However, turbulent times were just about to begin: the past few years have been difficult for the band in many ways, and in 2011 there were only two ways to go: to bury the band or to continue through big changes in the line up and eventually in the music, too. By mutual decision, Lars Eikind (bass/clean vocals) and Atte Palokangas (drums) played their last gig with BEFORE THE DAWN at Nummirock festival 2011. The decision with Lars was mainly personal and with Atte purely musical. The core of the band remained: band leader and the sole songwriter Tuomas Saukkonen and lead guitarist Juho Räihä since the “Deadlight” album – key members of the band’s sound, with Tuomas delivering the music and production and Juho working behind the mixing desk in the studio with recordings and also mixing the two latest releases.

(“Decade of Darkness” and “Deathstar Rising”). Their teamwork guarantees top quality in music and production in the future, even with two new band members in a renewed line-up that hit the studio in winter 2011 to record the seventh studio album “Rise Of The Phoenix”, which was released in April 2012.

The new style brings the band closer to melodic death metal, and the gothic influences will be part of the band' s history. Tuomas Saukkonen: “Massive changes in the line-up during 2011 ended an era of great frustration and brought back 110% dedication and professionalism into the band. The newfound energy and motivation steered us into a victorious European tour and made it possible to produce the strongest, fastest, heaviest and definitely the most epic BEFORE THE DAWN album so far!” .