Before The Torn

Before The Torn
Guilherme Henriques (Vocals Satan's Revolver), Nuno Cordeiro (Drums Forgodsfake, Hills Have Eyes, Satan's Revolver, ex-Shrapnel), João Cruz (Vocals, Guitar Ravenland), Bruno Matos (Bass), Nuno Marques (Guitar), Ruben Vilas (Bass ex-We Are The Damned, ex-TwentyInchBurial, ex-Blacksunrise), Bernardo Gavino (Drums), Zé (Bass), Pedro (Guitar The Art Of Chaos), Vitor Teixeira (Vocals, Guitar Hills Have Eyes), Daniel Mestre (Guitar)

BEFORE THE TORN aren't just another metal band.

Their trademark style full with energy makes them a reference for the likes of heavy music listeners. Since the band's birth in 2004, they went through several line-up changes.

However, their members never lost their consistency and have always thrived as a band, and as musicians. In 2008, they released "BURYING SAINTS", the debut album, features 12 songs filled with intensity and feelings, which certainly didn't left anyone holding any doubts regarding the value of this Lisbon-based band.

The heavy sound that is the calling card of BEFORE THE TORN was born from the passion their elements have for extreme music, always trying to break the boundaries of a country that is still narrow-minded towards this type of music. With great live performances, including opening acts for bands such as Converge, August Burns Red and Bleed From Within this band is in the spotlight right now, which allows them to have a very solid fan base.

In 2010, after dozens of shows, an Iberic Tour and several festivals, the band is now preparing to release their new studio album "The Serpent Smile". Produced by Vasco Ramos (More Than A Thousand Fame) at the Poison Apple Studios.

"The Serpent Smile" is an album which comprises passionate screaming lyrics, brutal guitar riffs and technically advanced drumming. Altogether, this may very well be one of the greatest albums for the European music scene in 2011..