Beltane (NZ)

Beltane (NZ)
Xanataph (Vocals, Guitar), Baphgirl (Vocals, Bass), Die Julie (Vocals), Karolina vel Death (Vocals), Kvathairein (Bass), Art Kalenda (Guitar), Ashyr (Drums), Mark Dubanowski (Drums), Aradia Rosa Wolfe (Vocals), Dyrkyn (Drums)

With the original lineup coming together in 1994, Beltane was one ov the first bands in New Zealand to play Black Metal (and the only one still active from this time).

It's hard to believe now, but the city ov Nelson was actually the centre of the Black Metal movement back in those days. There are still signs of this in special places around the region for those who have the eyes to see.....

Fifteen years later Beltane is going stronger than ever! Beginning on the Summer Solstice of 2004 the band has recorded on every Solstice & Equinox since then. 2008's releases; 'Cape D'Evil', '…Through Darker Seasons' & 'Shadowplay Desolate' highlight the development, quality & originality of the band.

They have set a new standard for what a self-produced metal band can achieve in this domain. This has also been reflected in the ever increasing sales of these CDs both overseas & in New Zealand.

Beltane has long abandoned the status of being purely a Black Metal band. Bringing in elements of Industrial & Gothic styles has made the sound even more original, making for a band that actually has memorable & listenable songs both live & recorded.

All this despite not requiring the services of a live drummer for several years now. The current lineup consists of Xan on guitar/vocals & Baphgirl on bass guitar.

However another thing that sets the band apart is frequent collaborations with various artists from drummers to opera singers on the recorded output. Since locating to the Manawatu region ov New Zealand at the beginning of 2007 the progress of Beltane has been rapid & continues to accelerate.

Due to the quality & frequency of live shows the bands national following is steadily increasing. Much more detailed information can be sought from & CDs can be purchased from .