Cheesy Dude (Vocals), Alky Dude (Bass), Sheepy Dude (Guitar), Mary Dude (Guitar), Falony Dude (Drums)


BONGOGRAPHY: (2011) Belzebong – Sonic Scapes & Weedy Grooves – digital, Cassette Tape, CD, 12” – Self-Released/Emetic Records/Instant Classic (Originally released diy on CD in mini album sleeve limited to 420 hand numbered copies, by Emetic Records on CD limited to 500 copies (repress), as well as: LP in a tour edition on translucent green vinyl limited to 30 copies with alternate cover, regular Emetic Records translucent green vinyl limited to 300 copies (1st pressing), and black vinyl edition limited to 500 copies (2nd pressing), Instant Classic Cassette Tape version limited to 66 hand numbered copies.) (2013) Belzebong – Dungeon Vultures – single-sided 12”/Double-Sided 12” – Instant Classic/Emetic Records (1st pressing limited to 350 copies, 42 copies with personalized Ouija boards - Instant Classic, 2nd pressing limited to 500 copies on Swamp Green Vinyl with unreleased demos on B-Side - Emetic Records) (2015) Belzebong – Greenferno – digital, Cassette Tape, CD, 12” – Emetic Records. The 1st Greenferno press is: 600 regular black, 200 Weed Green (this one, also listed as Olive Green) ,200 Swamp Green. Tape limited to 200.

goat smokin' blues