Angelina Sahlgren Söder (Vocals [since 2013]), Johan Örnborg (Bass [since 2013]), Robert Vintervind (Guitar [since 1992], Those We Don't Speak Of), Manne Engström (Guitar [since 2004], Those We Don't Speak Of), Klas Bohlin (Vocals [1992-2003, since 2013]), Håkan Carlsson (Drums [since 2013]), Daniel Elofsson (Bass [1999-2006], The Mary Major), Anna Andersson (Vocals [1995-2000]), Jonas Strömberg (Drums [1999-2006], The Mary Major), Mikael Back (Keyboard [1997-2006]), Lotta Höglin (Vocals [2000-2006], The Mary Major), Erik Molarin (Vocals [2001-2006], The Mary Major)

After nearly a decade of silence, Beseech returns to the music scene in 2014.

Sounding more Beseech than ever by returning to their roots of melancholy and emotions. MORE BESEECH THAN EVER First of all, we are very excited about bringing Beseech back to life again. In the summer of 2012 Manne Engström (guitar), Robert Vintervind (guitar) and the former guitarist and songwriter Klas Bohlin (vocals), entered StudioMega to drink some wine and spend some quality time in the kitchen… (but also to check out some ideas in the studio).

At that point we weren't even sure of what we were up to, was it even Beseech? But it all came out clear, when the creators of the Beseech sound, Klas & Robert started jaming together again. This time with Manne being a part of the production, the results turned out to sound more Beseech than ever.

What will happen with this material and Beseech we don't know yet. We do know that we're open for suggestions and are looking for partners willing to take Beseech to the next level together with us. For a band that lasts over 20 years, some changes in the line up is often a fact.

We are very grateful for the efforts from all the ex-members during Beseech's journey that took of in 1992. On the other hand we welcome the new members Johan Örnborg (bass/mixing), producer/mixer at famous Fascination Street Studios.

Angelina Sahlgren Söder (vocals), with experience from both theatre and musicals. Håkan Carlsson (drums), is rounding up the new line up with his intense drum playing. Find out more at: ------------------------------------------------ BESEECH BIOGRAPHY - A NEW BEGINNING (2012-) This year is the ten years anniversary when the "old" era of Beseech was put to rest.

Klas Bohlin, one of the founding members of Beseech decides to leave the band to focus on other musical challenges. Still good friends through the years, Klas Bohlin and Robert Vintervind the original composers in Beseech started to talk about playing music together in some way.

After some successful jams their new material sounded more Beseech than ever, back to its roots with delivering the same characteristic melancholic feeling, but in a new mature way. Shortly after, Manne Engström (guitar) re-joined the band and Beseech entered the "classic Beseech studio", StudioMega/Fascination Street during the fall of 2012 to figure out the new direction of the band. DEVELOPING THE GOTHIC SOUND (1992-1995) The history of Beseech begins in 1992, in the band´s hometown of Borås (near Gothenburg), Sweden.

Klas Bohlin (guitar), Jörgen Sjöberg (vocals) and Morgan Gredåker (drums), three hungry teenagers with ambitions, founded a band called Beseech. In November 1992 their first demo "A lesser kind of evil" was recorded, which also became an introduction of the band to the Swedish underground scene.

Soon thereafter some members left and Robert Vintervind (guitar) and Andreas Wiik (bass) joined the band. From that day Klas and Robert started to develop a special co-writing relation, which became a solid ground in the development of Beseech's gothic sound.

In 1994 Beseech's second demo "Last Chapter" was released. At that time the band had become more ambitious and deeply involved in the underground scene, participating in various compilation CD´s, making lots of interviews and received many positive reviews in fanzines worldwide.

Later on Anna Andersson (vocals & keyboard), with a voice like an angel joined the band. At this point of time, not so many bands had yet started to experiment with harmonies for both male and female vocals.

In 1995 Beseech began to hang out at StudioMega with the producer Christian Silver, who became to be an important person close to the band for many years. Together they developed the Beseech sound into a quite unique semi-acoustic doom/progressive format, using classical instruments such as cello, violin, flute and piano.

After a successful recording session, Beseech came up with their success demo "Tears", which led to a publishing contract with Swedish Misty Music, but most important, lots and lots of attention in the underground scene worldwide. With several offers from record labels and bookings outside Sweden, the future for Beseech looked bright.

Another band who also happened to be at StudioMega from time to time, was Fatal Embrace featuring Manne Engström (guitar), who came to play an important role in the future for Beseech. FROM A BLEEDING HEART (1996-1999) In 1996 Beseech signed their first record deal with We Bite/Corrosion Records, runned by the editor Frank Schenk at Chaos Mag.

Soon after, Beseech entered StudioMega to record their debut album "...from a bleeding heart". Unfortunately, the label suffered a major economic setback and was unable to release the album.

Not until 1998, after Beseech was released from its contract with We Bite/Corrosion Records and secured a deal with Metalblade, did "from a bleeding heart" see the light of day. During these two years some necessary changes in the lineup were made and Mikael Back (keyboards) and Daniel Elofsson (bass) joined the band, but sadly Anna Andersson decided to leave the band to focus on her solo carrier.

BLACK EMOTIONS & THE TOUR (2000-2001) In 1999, Beseech signed a worldwide record deal with Pavement Music and Klas, Jörgen and Robert began to write songs for their 2nd album "Black emotions". This time the music took a different direction from the doom/progressive-oriented sound found on the first album.

Beseech experimented with going deeper into the gothic style and the vocals got more clean, but with the same atmosphere and spirit of Beseech. Two new members joining the band during the writing process was Jonas Strömberg (drums) and Lotta Höglin (vocals).

With Lotta in the band we found the perfect match for backing up Jörgen’s powerful voice. "Black Emotions" was released in mid-2000 and the response was tremendous - receiving outstanding reviews and much airtime.

Beseech promoted the album by joining forces with Theatre of Tragedy and Lacuna Coil during their 2001 European tour. Shortly after the tour, Jörgen Sjöberg (vocals) got burned out, and was forced to leave the band and Beseech braced for a new era.

Due to the unstable economic outlook of Pavement Music, Beseech parted ways with the label in 2001. By then, the latest addition to the Beseech lineup, Erik Molarin (vocals), was in place.

His majestic voice complimented Lotta Höglin's beautiful vocal lines perfectly. MOIVE SOUNDTRACK (2002) In 2002, a Canadian film company, Brimstone Productions, approached Beseech to feature three songs from the "Black Emotions" album (Manmade Dreams, Neon Ocean and Lunar Eclipse) on the soundtrack (with bands such as Entombed) to the B horror movie "Alien Agenda 5 - Alien Conspiracy".

The movie was released in 2002. SOULS HIGHWAY AND NAPALM RECORDS (2002) In 2001 Beseech presented their new material for the record labels, and new offers from labels started to come in.

Beseech finally decided to sign a worldwide record deal with Napalm Records. Later on the writing process for "Souls Highway" began.

Another important co-writer for this album was Mikael Back (keyboard). Souls Highway was released in 2002 and received euphoric raves by critics and fans worldwide.

By the end of 2002 a music video for the track "Between the lines" was released via the Internet and downloaded by hundreds of thousands all over the world. In 2003, long time member and songwriter Klas Bohlin decided to leave the band, to continue with his late 60's sounding and psychedelic experiment Depressive Art.

Also for this band Klas decided to make the recordings at StudioMega, but this time working with a new young talented guy, Johan Örnborg (bass) behind the mixing controls, whom today is also a member of Beseech. DRAMA (2004) "Drama" reflects life, human thoughts and the darker side of mind. This fourth release in many ways was a natural follow-up to "Souls Highway" , but without Klas in the band, a new creative process developed and the new approach affected the music on "Drama" - the compositions became more experimental, groovier, presented a heavier sound, and both music and lyrics reflected more attitude than ever before.

On “Drama” Manne Engström was part of the creative process for the first time and is listed as a co-producer on the album. With this album the band took the touring to another level and played many festivals and gigs around Europe.

SUNLESS DAYS (2005) This album was another step towards an even more heavy and modern style of metal/rock music, but still with the great variations in the songs. Beseech did about a year and a half of touring on Sunless Days before they decided to put the band to rest because of internal band issues.

Robert needed a break from the music, and the other members that hadn’t gotten so much creative attention in Beseech started writing music for their new band The Mary Major. Manne went on to start Lavett that would later also include Robert on guitar. MORE BESEECH THAN EVER It just happened...

After years of silence, the creators of the Beseech sound, Robert and Klas started writing material for their next music project. Somehow the results turned out to sound more Beseech than ever, like a continuation to the highly critically acclaimed album Souls Highway, but with a more vintage oriented twist.

Due to the new sound it was also necessary with some lineup changes. The first guy to re-join the Beseech was Manne Engström (guitar) that besides creative guitar playing contributes with both engineering and producing.

The new members are; Johan Örnborg (bass), producer/mixer at Fascination Street Studios. Angelina Sahlgren Söder (vocals) with experience from both theatre and musicals.

Håkan Carlsson (drums), is rounding up the new lineup with a more intense drum playing. The most important change was to make space for the third generation of singers.

With Klas and Angelina behind the microphones Beseech has developed a more country influenced way of singing with more space for harmony vocals..