Black Autumn (GER)

Black Autumn (GER)
M. Krall (Vocals, All instruments)

Black Autumn is a German Black-Doom Metal act from the foggy banks of Hemer, located at the border to the Sauerland. Founded around 1995 to celebrate Black Metal in the vein of Emperor, Saytricon and Ulver the project started out as a two-member-band.

Due to lack of proper equipment first recordings were delayed until 1998 when Michael Krall and TH showed off with their first recordings. “The Seven Gates Of Illusionary Vision” and “A Distant Light Before Dawn” (that later also appeared on the “Cult Of Nihil” demo and album) clearly showed that Black Autumn were not in for it for fun but had serious intentions in creating something utterly dark. After these first signs of life TH decided to leave the project due to musical differences. Now being solely in the hands of Michael Krall the first self titled demo was released followed later on by “Cult Of Nihil”. After a split CDR with Italian based black metallers “Abyss” the band finally released its debut album called “Ecstasy, Nightmare, Doom” in 2007 on ISO666 Releases from Greece.

The album mixes Black Metal with twisted ambient passages and a restless and desolated atmosphere. The year 2008 was a mark in the history of the project seeing the well received release of “Rivers Of Dead Leaves” including the now classic song “Ophelia”. The like named character from Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” and the painting by Sir John Everett Millais being the center around which the album and with its doom laiden style of black metal evolved.

A year and a half later the new album is finished and waiting for its release. Inspired by the writings of German mystic Jakob Boehme it explores the direction which “Rivers Of Dead Leaves” already hinted to and incorporates countless new elements and influences into the music to create an atmospheric mix of Doom, Black Metal, Post-Rock and ambient Electronica. Discography: 2003 - Black Autumn (demo) 2004 - Cult of Nihil (demo) 2005 - Black Autumn & Abyss (split with Abyss) 2006 - Isolation (demo) 2006 - End (demo) 2007 - Cult Of Nihil (re-release) 2007 - Ecstasy, Nightmare, Doom 2008 - Rivers Of Dead Leaves 2010 - Aurora ‘Morgen Rothe Im Auffgang’.