Blaze Of Perdition

Blaze Of Perdition
Vizun (Drums Abusiveness, Deivos, Dira Mortis, Moon, Parricide, Ulcer, ex-Christ Agony, ex-Eclipse, ex-Squash Bowels, ex-Azarath, ex-Engraved), Revenger (Guitar Abusiveness, Bia?y Vite?, Blasphemy Rites, Deivos, Dira Mortis, Moon, Pripegal, Ulcer, ex-Perdition, ex-Christ Agony, ex-Eclipse, ex-Profundis, ex-Eng), Sonneillon (Vocals Oremus, Ulcer, ex-Perdition), XCIII (Guitar Oremus, ex-Perdition), Ikaroz (Bass died 02/11/13 (car accident)), N.K. (Drums Profundis, ex-Perdition), Ashgan (Vocals Exurge, ex-Perdition), Golachab (Guitar ex-Enclave)

Blaze of Perdition was formed in 2007 by the guitarist XCIII.

The band started its publishing activity by releasing a split album with Pseudogod (Ru) "In the Void and Serpent, the spirit is One" in 2009. Although beginnings were strongly influenced by the so-called orthodox BM scene, with "Near Death Revelations", the band started looking for broader ways of expression, mixing their traditional style with different kind of influences from beyond the genre. Line-up changed numerous times, but the core remained intact, with its general direction by XCIII and lyrical/conceptual themes by Sonneillon. Final shape of the songs, especially later ones, is an effect of mutual effort by all band members who offered their ideas and arrangements, although filtered by XCIII to keep the music consistent. November 2nd 2013 turned out to be tragic.

Car accident took life of the bass player 23 and left Sonneillon and Vizun (drummer) severely injured. Unfortunately, Sonneillon couldn't continue any live activity due to his serious health condition, but remained a core member responsible for the studio vocals, lyrics, graphic design and PR. Blaze of Perdition recorded four full-length albums and is currently working on the fifth one, scheduled for release in 2019/2020.

New, strong line-up (DQ on drums and MR on guitar) brought a lot of fresh energy to work with that will surely leave its mark on the upcoming album and its shape..

black metal