Blazing War Machine

Blazing War Machine
Franky Costanza (Drums Dagoba), Izakar (Guitar ex-Dagoba), Fab (Guitar), Phil (Keyboard), Strychnine (Bass), Irina (Vocals [since 2013]), Max (Bass Sonny Red), J (Guitar), Typhus (Vocals [2005-2012])

Since infiltrating the metal scene in 2006, BLAZING WAR MACHINE has been waging their brand of symphonic extreme metal from their base camp in Marseille (FR).

As of February 2015, BLAZING WAR MACHINE goes into full attack mode, emitting hard-hitting strategic strikes in the form of a series of singles via music videos. Counting troops from France, Russia & the UK amongst their ranks; pounding martial rhythms, sophisticated symphonic melodies and harsh, unrelenting vocals align with strong visual identity and unabating stage presence to create the uncompromising BLAZING WAR MACHINE.

BLAZING WAR MACHINE was called into action in 2005 by FRANKY COSTANZA (drums, DAGOBA) and PHIL (keyboards) who then conscripted IZAKAR (guitar, ex-DAGOBA), FAB (guitar), STRYCHNINE (bass) and TYPHUS (vocals). The battalion unleashed themselves upon the live scene in 2006, following up with a live CD/DVD release, “Haunted Memories”, in 2007.

BLAZING WAR MACHINE released their self-titled, self-produced debut album (distributed by SEASON OF MIST) in 2010 to praise from fans and press alike. Since 2006, BLAZING WAR MACHINE has seized territory across Europe, sharing stages with heavy-hitters such as ARCH ENEMY, GOJIRA, ABIGAIL WILLIAMS, ETHS, LOFOFORA, DEBAUCHERY, BENIGHTED, DESTINITY and many more. In 2008, BLAZING WAR MACHINE expanded their operations by performing at HELLFEST as well as two other french key terrains; CHAOSFEST and TOMAWOK FESTIVAL. In 2012, after the departure of TYPHUS, BLAZING WAR MACHINE called up new recruit IRINA to tackle lead vocals.

Due to an overseas mission, STRYCHNINE stood down from BLAZING WAR MACHINE duty in early 2014 and ADAM (bass) was enlisted to step into the breach. This current formation is armed with the strongest creative weaponry yet thanks to the variety in personal, musical and cultural influences.

BLAZING WAR MACHINE stands ready to deploy its ammunition among metalheads all over the globe. Stand with us.

LINE UP : IRINA FOLIE : Lead Vocals (2012 - ) PHIL : Keyboards (2005 - ) IZAKAR : Guitar, Backing Vocals (2005 - ) FAB : Guitar (2006 - ) ADAM : Bass (2014 - ) FRANKY COSTANZA (Drums (2005 - ) FOR FANS OF: DIMMU BORGIR, CRADLE OF FILTH, DAGOBA ,RAMMSTEIN , DEATHSTARS , FEAR FACTORY, CHILDREN OF BODOM , IN FLAMES....

Industrial & Symphonic Xtreme Metal ! For Fans of DIMMU BORGIR, CRADLE, DEATHSTARS..Download FREE (feat Franky COSTANZA & IZAKAR of DAGOBA) YOU CHOOSE THE PRICE !