Blind Illusion

Blind Illusion
Danny Harcourt ([Since 2009]), Robert Nystrom ([Since 2009]), Marc Biedermann ([Since 1979], ex-Blue Oyster Cult, ex-Heathen), Geno Side (), Alvin Petty (), Chris Olsen (), Bill Ticson (), Evan McKastey (), John Marshall (), Pat Woods (), Larry Lalonde (), Brian Kehoe (), Keith Lewis (), David Godfrey (), Bret Hern ([Since 2009]), Victor Griffith ([Since 2009]), Vern McElroy ([Since 1979], ex-Blue Oyster Cult, ex-Heathen), Hans Larson (), Ben Heveroh (), Les Claypool (), Mike Miner (), Wes Anderson (), Tim Agnello (), Mark Strausberg ()


Blind Illusion is the brainchild of guitarist/vocalist/founder Mark Biederman who started the band way back in 1979 !! The band has recently reformed once again with Harald O on bass(DRI & Murder in the Front Row photographer) & Erik Cruze on drums...They are currently writing some new HEAVY as HELL material as well as rehearsing a buncha stuff from their legendary classic The Sane Asylum....Since 1979 he has gone thru numerous line ups & upheavals...Among Blind Illusion's distinguished alumni are Les Claypool(Primus)..Larry Lalonde(Primus & Possessed)...John Marshall (Metallica & Metal Church)...Brian Kehoe (MIRV.Ministry..Jerry Cantrell & Kehoe Nation)..David Godfrey White (Heathen) & tons more to numerous to mention here !! The band plan on gigging locally & plan on going into the studio to eventually release their 3rd CD

Blind Illusion is a Legendary Bay Area California Progressive Thrash Band since 1979!!!