Blinded By Faith

Blinded By Faith
Tommy Demers (Vocals ex-Septentrion (Can)), Pascal Cote (Guitar ex-Lordz), Julien Marcotte (Drums ex-Mindatory, ex-Merkabah, ex-Ill-Gotten Throne), Michael Beaudoin (Guitar ex-GFK), Jean-Philippe Morin (Bass ex-SMOG, ex-Ill-Gotten Throne), Danny Laliberte (Vocals R.I.P.), Danny "Tattoo" Emond (Keyboard [1997-2012], ex-Summoning Of Flesh), Jean-François Gagné (Bass), Daric Grenier (Guitar), Luc Gaulin (Drums Moonlyght, Sorcier Des Glaces, Manslaughter Project, Passage, ex-Asgard), Daniel Gingras (Guitar [1996-2008]), Hugo Pelletier (Drums), Jean-Simon Roy (Vocals), Pascal Barriault (Drums), Sebastien Lessard (Guitar), Vincent Roy (Bass [1996-2008])

BLINDED BY FAITH : FROM VOID TO ACCOMPLISHMENT Year of grace 1996, in the dark depths of the ghost town of Lévis – a pinpoint on the map of Canada – five lost souls met to indulge in their favourite sin: metal music.

1999: in a rusted cauldron, they mixed a hint of human venom, a litre of bad blood and a fair amount of used guitar strings. The mixture obtained was an EP, the first opus entitled “Veiled hideousness”.

This record received good critics and an unexpected, awesome response from the audiences. At the dawn of the new millennium, Blinded by Faith did extensive promotion to unveil hideousness: many interviews, gigs all around the province of Québec, they even reached the finals at two contests: the “Polliwog” in Montréal and “Envol et macadam” in Québec city. These shows gave BBF much exposure; the band started to spread their name on a larger scale.

In August 2002, BBF invaded the New Rock Studios for a two months recording session. The result of this alchemic process was BBF’s first full-length album, “Under an occult sun” released through the label Galy Records.

With mature song writing, complex arrangements, a melodic approach and a topnotch production, this album fully displays BBF’s creativity. Then, the group propagated its hymns and rhythms here and there in Quebec and Ontario, creeping in every vacant crypt, tearing the cobwebs and setting the stage on fire in countless bars and halls.

All these concerts, usually played in front of dazed, decibel-crazed crowds, established Blinded By Faith as solid live performers with a place in the forefront of Quebec’s metal scene. The unquestionable proof of BBF’s fire power is Imperial collapse, a DVD (also available as a live CD), released in April 2007.

Monster sound, blitzkrieg lighting, many hundreds of frenzied head bangers gathered in an overheated venue, breathtaking performance: what could you want more? In May 2007, BBF’s second album, “Weapons of mass distraction”, was launched in Montreal at the Medley in a show with Martyr and Quo Vadis. Over 1700 fans for three local bands, this concert was nothing less than a dream come true.

During this year, BBF was also endorsed by ENGL, the renowned German amplifier company, and by LUKA PERCUSSIONS, a custom drum maker. After incredible record launches in Québec city and their hometown, gigs with international acts such as Cradle of Filth, Yngwie J.

Malmsteen, the Crown, Krisiun and Amon Amarth, the band went on tour to spread like a shockwave through Canada, injecting his molten metal as a lava flow in the arteries of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, the Maritime provinces and the city of Rouyn (QC). Then, the band played a lot in its home province.

Among many others, The Trois-Rivières Metalfest 2008 and the Woodstock en Beauce festival were two important shows. After lots of line-up changes, the perfect formation was finally found. The members of the sextet are now Tommy Demers (vocals), Danny Émond (keyboards and sampling), Jean-François Gagné (bass), Julien Marcotte (drums), Daric Grenier and Pascal Côté (guitars). The bad is now composing new stuff for a third album, another bomb due to explode in 2009..

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