Blitzkrieg (UK)

Blitzkrieg (UK)
Mick Kerrigan (Drums), Brian Ross (Vocals Satan (UK), Avenger (UK), Lone Wolf (UK-2)), Bill Baxter (Bass), Alan Ross (Guitar), Ken Johnson (Guitar), Guy Laverick (Guitar), Paul Brewis (Bass), Phil Brewis (Drums), Steve Ireland (Bass), Liam Thompson (Guitar), Les Cheetham (Guitar), Glen Carey (Bass), Sean Taylor (Drums Blind Fury, Pariah, Satan), Mark Hancock (Bass, Drums), Mick Moore (Bass), Paul Nesbitt (Guitar), Dave Anderson (Bass), Glenn S. Howes (Guitar), Sean Jefferies (Guitar), Greg Reiter (Guitar), Paul White (Drums), Ian Davison Swift (Vocals), Gary Young (Drums), Andy Galloway (Bass), Phil Millar (Guitar), Tony J. Liddle (Guitar), Mick Procter (Guitar ex-Tygers Of Pan Tang), Jim Sirotto (Guitar), Martin Richardson (Guitar, Bass)

Short Info After seeing Blitzkrieg on a short hiatus for 2011, 2012 not only brings the band into their 32nd Anniversary year but also work has began on a new Blitzkrieg album for release in the latter part of 2012.The as yet untitled album will be the follow up to the 2007 release "Theatre of the Damned".This will also see the band hitting the festivals and tour dates extensively throughout 2012 and into 2013 History Blitzkrieg was formed in Leicester in October 1980.

Their first demo, made in November that year, secured them their first recording deal with Neat Records resulting in the famous Blitzkrieg/Buried Alive single & a track on the Lead Weight compilation album. The band gigged extensively in England but split in 1981.

The members went their own separate ways but Brian Ross & Mick Moore stayed together to form the heart of Avenger. The band released 2 singles on Neat: Ross then left to join Satan with whom he recorded the classic Caught In The Act album which was released by Roadrunner & licensed to Neat for the UK.

After the success of the Satan album & European tours, the band’s direction became unclear & Ross decided to leave & concentrate on managing the North East band Lone Wolf (Brian performed vocals on the single Your Move). Now Ross decided that it was time to record the Blitzkrieg LP that had been planned way back in 1981, entitled A Time Of Changes: it was released in 1985 on Neat/Roadrunner with recruits from the previous bands brought in to record the album.

Meanwhile, Metallica covered the song Blitzkrieg on their Creeping Death EP. In 1991 the band made a mini album called Ten Years Of Blitzkrieg for Roadrunner to celebrate their tenth anniversary, re-recording the Blitzkrieg /Buried Alive tracks together with 3 new numbers.

In 1995 Neat Records re-emerged with a vengeance & immediately signed Blitzkrieg to a new 3 album deal: Unholy Trinity, Ten & The Mists Of Avalon were the result (also released in Japan on Pony Canyon Records). Another boost from Metallica came when the USA rockers again covered the Blitzkrieg track on their Live Shit box set & their 1998 album Garage Inc.

2002 saw the release of their new album Absolute Power on Edgy Records to rave reviews worldwide. A spate of interviews in Europe, the UK & the USA followed with a string of festival dates in Europe (& the US) which helped push the band back into the spotlight once more.

Absolute Power was released in Brazil on Hellion Records & as an LP in Sweden by TPL Records. Following the release of their double Anthology CD on Sanctuary Records the band released their first live album on Metal Nation Records (again owned by Jess Cox).

Following the release of Absolutely live, the band went on to record the critically acclaimed “Sins and Greed” which was released in mid 2005. In 2007 the band signed to German label Armageddon Records and released "Theatre of the Damned", which was co-produced by Saxon frontman Biff Byford after Blitzkrieg opened for Saxon a year earlier on their UK tour.

Moving into 2012 sees the band now into their 32nd anniversary year and gearing up for the follow up release to "Theatre.." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DISCOGRAPHY Judge Not - 2018 Tracks - Heretic / Who Is Blind / Forever Is A Long Time / Reign Of Fire / All Hell Is Breaking Loose / Without You / Loud and Proud / Angels Or Demons / Wide Legged and Headless / Judge Not Lest You Yourself Be Judged / Falling Into Darkness / Schools Out Back From Hell - 2013 Tracks - Jacks Back / Back From Hell / Buried Alive / Complicated Issue / V / Return To The Village / Sahara / 4U / One Last Time / Call For The Priest / Sleepy Hollow / Seek & Destroy* / We Have Assumed Control Theatre Of The Damned - 2007 Tracks - Theatre Of The Damned / The Phantom / Devils Spawn / My Life Is My Own / Spirit Of The Legend / The Passing / Into The Light / Tortured Souls / Together We Are Strong / Nightstalker / Armageddon / Blitzkrieg Sins & Greed - 2005 Tracks - Hell Express / Standing Still / Rise / Traitors Gate / Excessive Force / Escape From The Village / Eyes Of The World / Calm Waters / Desolation Angel / Silent Scream / Jeckyl & Hyde / Hell Bent For Leather Absolutely Live! - 2004 Tracks - Ragnarok / Inferno / The Wraith / Im Not Insane / Soul Stealer / Unholy Trinity / Legion / We`ll Rock Forever / Armageddon / Hamunaptra / Dark City / Yesterdays / Nocturnal Vision / Metalizer / Blades Of Steel / Feel The Pain / Blitzkrieg A Time Of Changes / Phase 1 Anthology - 2003 Tracks - "A Time Of Changes" (1985) "Demo Tape" - (1980) "Buried Alive Single" - (1981) "Lead Weight Neat Sampler" - (1981) "Blitzed Alive Cassette" - (1981) Absolute Power - 2002 Tracks - Legion / Soul Stealer / Who Takes The Fall? / Enchanted Tower / We`ll Rock Forever / Terror Zone / Hamunaptra / Dark City / The Face Of Death / DV8R / Metalizer / Feel The Pain The Mists Of Avalon - 1998 Tracks - The Legend (Crimson Dawn, Nations Divided, Camelot, Stryngs, Arthur) / Tranquil State / I Am The Doctor (Who Are You) / Deceiver / Princess For The World / The Mighty "A" / Smell Of Roses / Love's Too Late / Anasazi / Yesterdays (Hope For The Future) / Another Interview / Vicious Rumours / I Was Having A great Time And Stayed Longer Than I Should, So When I Got To The Railway Station, The Last Train Had Gone! Ten - 1997 Tracks - Cavo Doro / Fighting All The Way To The Top / Buried Alive / The Sentinel / The Power Of The -King / Night Howl / I'm Not Insane / Court In The Act / Blitzkrieg '96 / Nocturnal Vision Unholy Trinity - 1995 Tracks - Hair Trigger (Pull The Trigger Part 2) / Struck By Lightning / Taking Care Of Business / Field Of -Dreams / Take A look Around / After Dark / Crazy For You / Zip / Unholy Trinity / Calming -The Savage Beast / The Wraith / Easy Way Out / All Hallows Eve / Countess Bathory / Jealous Love / House Of Pleasure / Return Of The Zip Ten Years Of Blitzkrieg - 1991 Tracks - Blitzkrieg / Buried Alive / Night Howl / The Sentinel / Nocturnal Vision A Time Of Changes - 1985 Tracks - Ragnarok / Inferno / Blitzkrieg / Pull The Trigger / Armageddon / Take A Look Around / Hell -To Pay / Vikings / A Time - Of Changes / Saviour .